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17 Forgotten TV Heroes From Your Childhood

These are the people who made you who you are today.

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1. Without Art Attack's Neil Buchanan, today's children are oblivious to the many uses of pipe-cleaners.


2. They'll never know the sacrifices made by Gareth Gates and the lasting legacy he left on men's hair styles.

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3. A jet to people who grew up without Gladiators is just a boring aeroplane, and not a living goddess worship by a nation on Saturday nights.


4. Imagine living in a world without the kind, loving Duke from Tracey Beaker.


5. And a world without Sandy from The O.C, with his magnificent eyebrows, just isn't worth living in.

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6. The name Sir Killalot means nothing, NOTHING, to those starting high school today.

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7. The fact Dave Benson Phillips helped a whole generation extract vengeance on their oppressors is completely lost on today's youth.

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8. And imagine a life in which you had no knowledge of Otis the Aardvark.


9. The Chuckle Brothers probably look creepy as hell to people who didn't grow up watching their comedic antics.


10. And they'd probably think that Dick and Dom was the name of a perverted sex act.


11. "Who is that sassy cat and why is he talking?" – A kid from today seeing Salem from Sabrina, the Teenage Witch for the first time.

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12. "Why does that car have sad eyes?" – A stupid, modern kid seeing Brum for the first time.


Lizo Mzimba from Newsround could have told you your dog had died and you'd still love the guy for his no nonsense, yet still calming delivery of news.


13. That respect out of fear you had for Richard O'Brien from The Crystal Maze is a foreign feeling to people who didn't grow up in the era.

Are there people still locked in The Crystal Maze? We'll just never know.
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Are there people still locked in The Crystal Maze? We'll just never know.

14. Screw Mark Zuckerberg, Taj from Kerching! is the real online business idol the world needs.


What happened to good ol' characters with strong moral values like Miss Grotke from Recess?


15. And there's the guy from Raven, who let's be honest, was just weirdly hot.

He probably has the personality of a doorknob.

He probably has the personality of a doorknob.