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Posted on Feb 29, 2016

44 Everyday Achievements That Are A Big Deal For Someone With Anxiety

Step one: Get out of bed.

Lukas Neasi / / Thinkstock / BuzzFeed

1. Simply getting out of bed.

2. And then going one step further by braving the outside world and exiting the comfort and safety of my home.

3. Upon leaving the house, not spending the rest of the day worrying that I've left something switched on.

4. Or that I've forgotten to lock the front door.

5. Making a conscious effort to go out and have a good time.

6. Going for a nice, quiet walk by myself.

7. Or meeting up with friends.

8. Without feeling like an unnecessary presence.

9. Achieving a personal goal I've set for myself.

10. Recognising that I've achieved something.

11. And congratulating myself on doing so.

12. Checking Facebook, seeing a vague comment, and not instantly assuming it's about me.

13. Not overthinking any vague comment, online or real-world, that almost certainly has nothing to do with me.

14. Overcoming the terrifying task of answering a phone call.

15. And defeating the final boss of telecommunication by answering a phone call from an unknown number.

16. On the other side of things, actually making a phone call myself.

17. Double points if it's to a stranger.

18. And triple points if it's to set up an appointment.

19. In fact, making any future plans.

20. And then sticking to those plans.

21. Especially if it's something I've been putting off for a long time.

22. Making a decision within a sensible time frame.

23. And not second-guessing that decision.

24. Being the one to actually initiate a conversation with a friend or colleague, instead of expecting them to.

25. Or joining an ongoing conversation without being asked a direct question.

26. And not feeling like a burden in doing so.

27. Not starting every other sentence with the word "sorry".

28. Responding to a compliment by simply saying "thank you".

29. Going a whole day without relying on self-deprecating humour.

30. And going a whole day without unnecessarily criticising myself.

31. Making small talk, and against all odds, not actually dying right there and then.

32. Surviving an elevator ride with a casual acquaintance.

33. Speaking during a meeting when I have something to say.

34. Not going into panic mode because someone didn't respond to your text within a couple of minutes.

35. Same with an email.

36. Receiving an email with a scary sounding subject and, instead of ignoring it, reading it immediately.

37. Not worrying every five minutes about being fired from my job.

38. Getting through the day without suffering a debilitating panic attack.

39. Having a question and actually asking it.

40. Needing help and actually asking for it.

41. Falling asleep within one hour of going to bed.

42. Without going over every little mistake I made throughout the day.

43. Making it through another day.

44. And feeling proud with everything I've achieved during the day.

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