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18 People Who Got Hilariously Drunk In 2017

"Well, I'm a drunk idiot."

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1. This dedicated boyfriend who threw away one love for another.

My man just FaceTimed me drunk as hell eating a slice of pizza while walking down the street and he goes YOU WANNA…

2. These Airbnb guests who went on a labelling spree.

got so drunk last night we started labeling things in our airbnb and woke up to this

3. This drunk caroler who belted out a Christmas classic.

There’s a woman on the tube screaming the lyrics to “all I want for christmas is you”, glass of wine in hand, whils…

4. This legendary grandma who proved she could keep up with a younger generation.


5. Seriously, it's been a great year for drunk grandmas.

My grandma is in Mexico taking shots with random girls on the beach and posting pics of it with captions like they'…

6. This genius who got a lift home with his dinner.

Couldn’t get a taxi home last neet so I went in kebab shop and ordered a delivery to my address and got in with delivery driver, im a genius

7. This dancer who ended up in the emergency room.

Last night my friend got drunk and hit the splits to Rake it Up... today she ended up at the ER on crutches

8. This swimmer who was just lucky to make it out alive tbh.

NEVER swim after drinking. Ever.
Twitter: @patrickmac06

NEVER swim after drinking. Ever.

9. These two people who enjoyed a drink on the subway.

A full bottle of wine just rolled out from under a subway seat and now these 2 strangers popped it open & are drink…

10. This girl who just wanted to relax with some food.

Wow guys, I was so drunk this morning that I ate all 12 pieces of meat from the stew to relax my nerves. Now people…

11. This guy who received help from a stranger after puling his hamstring.

Absolutely affronted last night when john pulled his hamstring fell to the ground & got a randomer to stretch him o…

12. This passenger who took a long route home.

13. This Scottish guy who pretended to be a dentist.

"Drunk mind speaks sober thoughts" a went aboot an entire night tellin cunts a was an apprentice dentist

14. This art thief who got caught in the act.

Really enjoying this subtle art thief caught out by a nightclub photographer in Swansea

15. This student who lost her ID card.

Lost my ID tonight and they made me take a new picture drunk so it's fine I'm fine

16. This guy who woke up to discover some selfies from the police officers who helped him home.

17. This drunk girl whose friends talked her out of a bad decision.

just heard a drunk girl outside my house scream “i’m going to Jeff’s!” and like three friends simultaneously said “…

18. And finally, Kelly.

*Serious voice* Always remember to drink responsibly!

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