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16 Hilarious, Genius, And Devastating Ways People Found Out The Truth About Santa

"I took out a bible and made my mother swear on it just like in a court room."

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1. "As a 5-year-old I tried to capture him. I put my duvet cover over my door and laid in wait. My mum got quite the surprise when she came into my room. I can't remember why I wanted to capture him – it was either to complain or to get more stuff."

Submitted by Tom McAteer, Facebook


3. "When I was around 7 years old, my older brother predicted my Christmas gifts before I opened them. I kept yelling at him to stop and I asked my mom how he knew…and then she broke the news."

Submitted by katiem4493674a4

4. "When I was 8 years old I had a feeling that Santa wasn’t real so in order to get to bottom of it I took out a bible and made my mother swear on it just like in a courtroom."

Submitted by dosfalcones

6. "I wanted to put a carrot out for Rudolph and the other reindeers. To make sure they knew it was from me I used to engrave my initials into them. Then on Christmas Day when we were cooking dinner my mum asked me to peel the carrots. Everything was fine until I picked up a carrot with my initials scratched into it."

Submitted by Sarah Nichols, Facebook

7. "I realised the big man wasn’t real when I was 7 and didn’t receive a toy that I asked for, but I got something sort of close. Santa wouldn’t have made that mistake, but my mum would have."

Submitted by emjaytee


9. "I never believed in him. I moved to America when I was 6 years old and when my stepdad tried to tell me about Santa Claus I looked at him and said, 'Liar, he can't climb into our apartment… We live on the seventh floor.'"

Submitted by zoechu27

10. "I got a guinea pig for Christmas from Santa and I loved her – it turned out she was pregnant. For my little sister's birthday we went to get her a fish at the pet store a few towns over. I overheard my mom talking to the owner about how they sold her a pregnant guinea pig around Christmas time. It wasn’t too hard to connect the dots on that one."

Submitted by daisyh4e91b9f9e

12. "The local priest decided to tell us, an assembly of 5- to 11-year-old children, that our parents were lying and Santa wasn't real. There were tears, a local media shitstorm, and a new priest after Christmas."

Submitted by Jade Viczko, Facebook


13. "My 7-year-old brother, who was a year older than me, found out from his friend and immediately told me. I proceeded to punch him in the stomach and shouted, “I didn’t want to know that!” I think I was mainly upset because I was worried that if you knew there was no Santa you'd stop getting presents."

Submitted by marthaj9

15. "I found out at the ripe old age of 3. My oldest brother decided to tell me and even went out of his way to find the same boot in our parents' closest that matched the bootprint Santa left behind."

Submitted by pmar24

16. "I was about 10 and still a strong believer. One Christmas Eve I laid out everything for the big guy by myself but found it untouched the next morning. Grief stricken I woke up my mum to tell her Santa hadn’t been to our house, to which she replied, 'Shit, did I not tell you he doesn’t exist yet?'"

Submitted by boodeboo

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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