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21 Completely Unforgivable Acts Of Pizza Vandalism

What did pizza ever do to us?

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1. This improv method of heating a slice.

2. This attempt at making a carb free pizza.

3. This item of food that stretches the definition of pizza to its limit.

4. This visual proof of the importance of those mini table things.

5. Whatever the hell this horror is supposed to be.

6. This poor slice, transported home via bike after a night out drinking.

7. This overbaked disaster.

RIP squared pizza, you're with the angels now.

RIP squared pizza, you're with the angels now.

8. This rookie mistake.

You think me of all people would remember to take the polystyrene out from under the pizza. Dinners fucked πŸ•

9. This curiously named pizza place.

10. This pizza sliced by someone who nee to go back to pizza slicing school.

Enjoying my 2 inch slice of pizza. # little slice of heaven # hungry howies # pizza fail

11. This bizarre mixing of toppings.

Further proof that pineapple on pizza = no.

Further proof that pineapple on pizza = no.

12. And this one, straight from Japan.

13. This sad, single, and lonely slice of pepperoni.

You be you, pepperoni slice.

You be you, pepperoni slice.

14. This pizza box that doesn't just want to chill and watch Netflix.

15. This fashion statement made by a guy who, let's face it, we've all been at some point.

#Imagine michael being drunk: '' WHERES MY PIZZA'' You: ur drunk its un ur head'' Michael: '' WHO IS HEAD?''

16. This attempt at pizza sculpting a cat.

17. This spectacular failure that takes failure to a whole new level we never knew existed.

Epic pizza cooking fail πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #oops

18. This unfair pepperoni distribution amongst the slices.

19. This pizza turned into a N64 because of reasons unknown.

20. This slicing method that someone really deserves to go to prison for.

21. And finally this guy, who just can't pizza.