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    24 Toys From Your Childhood That Might Make You Rich

    It might be worth searching through your parents' attic.

    Note: These are all items which recently sold on Ebay for the price listed.

    1. Royal King Furby, £137.97

    Ebay / BuzzFeed

    He looks so regal that I'd happily live under his reign.

    2. Stretch Armstrong, £77

    Ebay / BuzzFeed

    Ok, so this one is rare in the fact that it's unstretched, but a stretched one can still fetch you upwards of £40.

    3. Polly Pocket Slumber Party, £178.27

    Ebay / BuzzFeed

    That's a nice bit of change for your pockets.

    4. Princess Diana Beanie Baby, £60

    Ebay / BuzzFeed

    It's not worth the thousands you imagined it would be, but still, £60 is £60.

    5. Super Soaker XP-310, £59.95

    Ebay / BuzzFeed

    I don't know about you but the thought of £60 is enough to get me wet with excitement.

    6. Spice Girls Girl Power dolls, £175

    Ebay / BuzzFeed

    These Spice Girls dolls are guaranteed to spice up your bank balance in today's market.

    7. The Lion King Simba plush backpack, £61.90

    Ebay / BuzzFeed

    No animals were harmed in the making of this product.

    8. Micro Machines Super Van City, £49.99

    Ebay / BuzzFeed

    "I heard you like toy cars, so I put toy cars in your toy cars." – Micro Machines, probably.

    9. He-Man action figure, £44.99

    Ebay / BuzzFeed

    Even if you didn't like He-man, the chances are that you still had a couple of these action figures for some unknown reason.

    10. Moondance & Star Dazzle Sky Dancers, £59.99

    Ebay / BuzzFeed

    Fidget spinners can back off, these are still the king of the spinning toys.

    11. Pokémon 1st edition Venusaur card, £401.78

    Ebay / BuzzFeed

    People laughed when Bulbasaur and its evolutions were your favourite, well who's laughing now?

    12. My Little Pony Nurse Loveheart, £196

    Ebay / BuzzFeed

    A toy back from the days when My Little Pony was still completely innocent.

    13. Boglin, £60

    Ebay / BuzzFeed

    Who would have thought such an ugly thing could be worth so much money?

    14. Toy Story Talking Woody doll, £70

    Ebay / BuzzFeed

    Honestly, no one would blame you if you never wanted to part this doll.

    15. Digimon Tamagotchi, £120

    Ebay / BuzzFeed

    Ah Digimon, Pokémon's less successful brother.

    16. Deluxe Talkboy, £85

    Ebay / BuzzFeed

    Who didn't want one of these after watching Home Alone?

    17. Street Sharks Rox action figure, £48

    Ebay / BuzzFeed

    Imagine if sharks did actually have limbs though? Terrifying.

    18. Fisher Price Adventure Castle, £44.97

    Ebay / BuzzFeed

    It won't buy you a real castle but it could probably get you into at least three castles on a day trip.

    19. Mighty Max Cyclops Doom Zone, £141

    Twitter: @HaileyRade

    Polly Pocket's gross cousin.

    20. Power Rangers Deluxe Megazord, £195

    Ebay / BuzzFeed

    Morph your bank account into something that does't make you weep when you look at it.

    21. Dream Phone, £59.99

    Ebay / BuzzFeed

    Now you can dream about those extra digits in your bank account.

    22. Action Man Polar Mission, £110

    Ebay / BuzzFeed

    According to the box the dog makes three sounds, one of which is "HOWLLL!". Nice.

    23. Thunderbirds Tracy Island, £82.09

    Ebay / BuzzFeed

    Sadly your own homemade version isn't worth quite as much.

    24. Tyco Rebound 4x4 RC Buggy, £79

    Ebay / BuzzFeed

    Batteries not included.

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