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23 Bizarre, Great, And Unexpected Things You Can Actually Find In Poundland

Poundland: the treasure trove of a nation.

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From its throwback CD collection...

The music section in Poundland is a treasure trove of 90/00′s Classics! @nickbassett1981 @LewisCorner @RobCopsey its towering library stacked with literary classics.

Spotted in Poundland. Didn't exactly seem to be flying off the shelves...

There's no telling what gold lines the shelves inside each individual store.

Hey @paddypower, check out Poundland's latest range of items. Found in between the children's toys and the medicines.

Here's just some of the delights customers have found inside:

1. The soundtrack to Scream 2.

found this in poundland today i was overjoyed ngl

2. BDSM accessories.

3. Cheese wrapped in ham.

Found this in Poundland today ... #snacktime

4. The complete first series of Beadle's About.

Found a copy of this in Poundland earlier! Classic! #WatchOut #BeadlesAbout #Prankster

5. Inappropriately packaged farm animal toys.

Found this sorry sight in Poundland. The NSFW version of Toy Story

6. An onion bag.

@ohiog150100 look what I found in poundland

7. A CD containing "seriously clubbing chuggers".

Found this little gem in Poundland. Thanks @Rocket__Jump for the heads up about the CDs mate :) #OldSkool

8. A Cyndi Lauper autobiography.

Found this Cyndi Lauper autobiography in poundland today can't wait to read it

9. One Direction-themed biscuits.

10. A clock of Kate Middleton's face.

This may be the single most random thing I have ever found in poundland!!

11. Oreo knockoffs.

i have gone into Poundland to cheer myself up and have found these amazing Oreo imitations

12. A sex toy.

13. A Gladiators CD.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have found a poundland gem! XD.

14. A DIY vajazzle kit.

15. A "little princess" kit.

Seen in Poundland. When you get past the gender typing horror, what "little princess" would do their own housework?

16. Earphones shaped like hotdogs.

This is the best thing I've ever seen in poundland. I would easily pay £35 for a decent quality pair!

17. A DVD featuring everyone's favourite superhero: Iron Hero.

18. Terry's Chocolate Orange with superficial damage to the box.

Spotted in Poundland. @AccidentalP

19. More sex accessories.

WARNING...ADULT CONTENT! But seriously poundland, how safe can it be for a pound?

20. Poundland merchandise.

Who knew @Poundland had their own merchandise? #guesstheprice #diecast

21. A "luxury" wig.

Hurry to Poundland to upgrade your Standard Curly Wig.

22. Topple Tower and Ships At War.

Bought for @leedslawpgrs board game night tomorrow. Completely different from Jenga and Battleship right? #poundland

23. Pregnancy tests.

If I needed a pregnancy test (which I don't) then Poundland wouldn't be my first port of call.