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21 Instagram Accounts Guaranteed To Make You Smile

Double tap your heart out.

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us some of the Instagram accounts that help put a smile on their faces. Here are some of the responses.

1. @woofandwalls

"@woofandwalls is a definite mood booster! They feature every breed of dog you can imagine posing in front of street art from all over the world. You get cute pups, tons of colour, and awesome locations in every post."

– Crystal Serowka, Facebook


2. @honeyandthehive

Instagram: @honeyandthehive

"I love @honeyandthehive and @jesiiii for quirky and fun artwork. They both make art with beautiful colours and funny puns. I'm obsessed."

– Kelsey McGuire, Facebook

4. @artsypeach

Instagram: @artsypeach

"She’s such an amazing artist and makes the most gorgeous art. Plus she’s very empowering, and reminds you to love yourself no matter what you look like."


5. @tasteofstreep

Instagram: @tasteofstreep

"@tasteofstreep is the most genius Insta ever."

– Caitlin Mekita, Facebook

6. @floraforager

Instagram: @flora

"Everything @floraforager posts just makes my heart happy. If you love flowers and nature, she's got you covered."

– Krystal Levering, Facebook


7. @uglyproduceisbeautiful

Instagram: @uglyproduceisbeautiful

"Food accounts are my therapy."

– Logan Khitomer, Facebook

8. @meringuegirls

Instagram: @meringuegirls

"A bunch of girls from London that decided to go stick it to the man and start their own bakery. They’re killing it atm."


9. @dallasclayton

Instagram: @dallasclayton

"He’s a children’s author and an all around beautiful soul."


10. @drakeoncake

Instagram: @drakeoncake

"@drakeoncake is honestly hands down the best thing to ever happen to Instagram. Drake lyrics + cake = perfection."



13. @bodyposipanda

Instagram: @bodyposipanda

"She has an uncanny way of saying exactly what the world needs to hear in all of her posts."


14. @fursty

Instagram: @fursty

"I just love @fursty on Instagram. It’s a beautiful nature blog and I love it because although I don’t go outside a lot, it gives me time to see how beautiful nature and the earth is. Absolutely phenomenal and special."


15. @teddytheshetland

Instagram: @teddytheshetland

"@teddytheshetland is the greatest thing to ever come into my life. He's a tiny Shetland pony, training to be a disability aid companion, with adorable pictures and the sassiest captions."

– Charlotte Lee, Facebook

16. @dirka

Instagram: @dirka

"Just awesome pics. They’re like the sound of waves – relaxing."

– kraigj


17. @itsdougthepug

Instagram: @itsdougthepug

"A cute pug and all of his little pug adventures."

– Samantha Ryan, Facebook

18. @sophievstheuniverse

Instagram: @sophievstheuniverse

"I really like @sophievstheuniverse. She's from the Netherlands and her feed is just really beautiful photography with a vintage feel to it."

– Emma Nagel, Facebook

19. @juniperfoxx

Instagram: @juniperfoxx

"Juniper is a fox who was bred for her fur and can't live in the wild. She was adopted as a pet and is the happiest little fox ever. It's fun to watch her little antics and see her play with her doggy roommate Moose. It's also educational as they talk about the facts and struggles of raising a fox."

– Jaden Hayes, Facebook

20. @literaryllama

Instagram: @theliteraryllama

"@literaryllama is a super creative account. It features a chalk drawing for every book the user reads, and they are amazing."

– Malia Zaidi, Facebook

21. @cwpencilenterprise

Instagram: @cwpencilenterprise

"@cwpencilenterprise is the greatest Instagram ever. It's full of perfect colour coding, gloriously beautiful stationary, and cute erasers. I look at it whenever I need to calm down or chill out."

– Elizabeth Mangone, Facebook

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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