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The Biggest "Gilmore Girls" Tragedy Is The Treatment Of Lane Kim

Zack is the true villain of Gilmore Girls.

When it comes to Gilmore Girls, fans have ~many~ strong opinions, but one injustice that is often overlooked is the improper treatment of Lane Kim.

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Lane is kind, smart, and talented. She deserved to soar even higher than Rory.

First and foremost, Lane had it rough as a teen.

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Lane was constantly forced to hide her true self and interests in the floorboards like a prisoner in her own home!

Let's talk about Mrs. Kim...

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Lane's mom is a wonderful character who eventually accepted Lane's life choices and helped set up Hep Alien's first tour. Before that, she even (sort of) accepted Dave. However, I blame Mrs. Kim's tight leash for all the bad that followed.

Let's talk about Dave...

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Lane ~finally~ caught a break here. Dave Rygalski was adorable, went that extra mile to impress Mrs. Kim, and genuinely dug Lane for who she was. BUT THEN Orange County called upon Adam Brody for bigger and better things, leaving his character and Lane behind.

Losing your first love sucks, but it's made worse by the fact that it leads to Lane's fatal next step... Zack Van Gerbig.

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Zack was a MONSTROUS piece of human trash from day one and didn't deserve to be in Lane's band, let alone her heart. He was basically the Joffrey of Stars Hollow.

Let's talk about Zack...

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He was pouty, insensitive, ill-tempered and only cared about himself. He made no effort with Mrs. Kim, was rude AF, got jealous over dumb shit, ruined the band's chance to be seen by a label, and got mad whenever Lane didn't wear her glasses. THIS BOY WAS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR OUR PRECIOUS BEST FRIEND!

But it gets worse!

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Lane was based on Amy Sherman-Palladino's best friend, Helen Pai, whose IRL husband is named Dave Rygalski, which means Lane was SUPPOSED to end up with Dave. But no, she got stuck MARRYING Zack.

Let's talk about the marriage...

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Getting married young, especially when you're waiting to ~do it~ until marriage is common (I guess?) and it's understandable that the show went there. Fine. We can accept that Lane will be tethered to Zack forever. At least that means Hep Alien (the only fulfilling thing in Lane's life) will probably stay together forever. BUT IT SOMEHOW GETS EVEN WORSE.

Let's talk about the honeymoon...

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Lane ~finally~ has sex, something she has dreamed of doing with her husband for quite some time and it is TERRIBLE. She hates it. It's traumatic. And it gets her pregnant WITH TWINS.

So the original show ends with Lane hating sex, being a young mom to TWO babies, and being saddled to a straight-up baby man.

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Ultimately, Lane Kim seems happy with her life when we see her in the revival, but we can't help but wonder how much better things would have been without Zack.

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Does she grow to love sex? Is she teaching her kids to treat women better than their father does? Is she actually happy?

We hope you're happy, Lane Kim. We really, really do.

  1. How do you feel about the treatment of Lane Kim?

    How do you feel about the treatment of Lane Kim?

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