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    17 Real-Life Cottages That Look Like They're Straight Out Of A Fairytale

    *adds to post-pandemic bucket list*

    The coronavirus pandemic is still impacting travel, and destinations around the world have different COVID-19 restrictions in place. Always check and adhere to local government policies, and use our content to dream about a future trip.

    If you've been baking bread, gardening, or making homemade cheese in quarantine, you're already in the #cottagecore mindset.

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    By definition, cottagecore is an aesthetic trend that embraces a return to a rural and domestic lifestyle, celebrating self-sufficient hobbies like baking and foraging.

    However, some of us don't live in places where sprawling fields of wildflowers are immediately accessible. So, we gathered some of the world's most fairytale-like cottages to fuel your travel dreams while you perfect your cross-stitch and feed your sourdough starters.


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    While the ongoing pandemic prevents us from traveling, these picture-perfect cottages will give you something to fantasize about.

    1. This ivy-covered house in the north of Czechia.

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    Located in a small Czech village near the borders of Germany and Poland, this ivy-covered home is probably exactly what you picture when you hear the word "cottage." The late 1800s-era farmhouse has been renovated into the perfect respite from civilization. Surrounded by green meadows and fruit trees, it's the perfect place to do a little foraging.

    Price: $11/night for a private room

    2. This quaint shepherds hut in Oxfordshire, England.

    Airbnb / Via

    A perfectly confined space filled with humble and elegant touches, from the hanging mugs to the wood-burning stove, this standalone hut literally encapsulates the charm of cottage life. The property is surrounded by well cared-for gardens, and it's only a five minute walk to the nearby village.

    Price: $85/night

    3. This vintage ranch with a spacious yard in Paso Robles, California.

    Airbnb / Via

    If you can't take a vacation without wine, this Central California ranch is surrounded by 60 acres of vineyards and has complimentary bottles waiting for you. The interior is filled with plants, but the twinkle-light trimmed backyard is really what makes this place shine. Just imagine spending your days walking through the vines and your nights enjoying the stars while rocking in your rocking chair.

    Price: $252/night

    4. This rustic stone gîte in the French countryside.

    An empty green lawn leads up to a large two-story stone house.
    Airbnb / Via

    Imagine running away to the French countryside and straight into this arms of this home, with its big yard, cow-filled pastures, and impeccable interior decor. It's incredibly peaceful and only minutes away from the closest village where you can go to fetch your morning baguette and evening bottle of wine.

    Price: $51/night

    5. This tiny countryside cottage in a small village near the east coast of Sweden.

    Airbnb / Via

    Located in Åliden, Sweden, this 1940s-era cottage is a romantic retreat for two. Recently renovated and full of light, this home is the epitome of lagom, the Swedish concept of "just enough." By the way, if you go in the winter, you could see the northern lights!

    Price: $40/night

    6. This renovated barn in Seneca Rocks, West Virginia.

    A yellow and red birdhouse stand in the garden in front of a wooden cabin with a slope roof and flowers in the windowsill.
    Airbnb / Via

    Resembling a hideaway for an adorable elven grandmother, this little country barn is surrounded by flowers, and your main neighbors will be the farm's goats, chickens, ducks, and lone peacock. The inside is small but incredibly charming, and it exudes big fairytale energy with lots of colorful touches.

    Price: $83/night

    7. This antique and historic home in Wirft, Germany.

    Wooden beams create a square pattern on the walls of this living room filled with antique furniture in shades of beige, pink, and brown.
    Airbnb / Via

    If you're looking for a cottage to call home in Germany, there's nothing more iconic than a cross-timber house (you know, the ones that look like real-life gingerbread houses). In the Rhineland region, this particular building is a former school that's been turned into a cottage; all the furniture is authentically old, the stairs are super narrow, and heating is by wood-stove only!

    Price: $63/night

    8. This charming homestead in the Lithuanian countryside.

    Airbnb / Via

    This cottage in Biržai near the Latvian border is surrounded by fields and forest, which can be enjoyed on foot or from the comfort of the on-deck hot tub. While the outside looks like your typical cabin, the interior is very bohemian with a macrame hammock swing and a wooden ladder leading to an additional sleeping area in the loft. The views from the field are wide and open, and there's even a small pond steps away from the front door.

    Price: $61/night

    9. This bohemian bungalow on an olive farm in Bademli, Turkey.

    Airbnb / Via

    On Turkey's Aegean Coast, this stone cottage bursting with bougainvillea trees sits on a fully functioning olive farm overlooking the sea. Inside, it looks much more modern, but still vibes with an aesthetic of white linens, natural tones, and a lot of artwork on the walls. It's secluded but still close enough to walk to the main village or beach. Oh, and all the water you drink is tapped fresh from the natural springs below the property, no big deal.

    Price: $56/night

    10. This colorful cottage in Burlington, Canada.

    A two-story home painted in red, yellow, and blue stripes with circular windows sits on some rocks near the water in front of a forest.
    Airbnb / Via

    In the easterly region of Newfoundland and Labrador, this primary-colored, striped home is easy to spot. Overlooking the Salmon River, you can take in the stunning sunrise views from the breakfast table in this studio-style apartment. Covered in wood paneling, the interior is just as whimsical as the exterior, and the town is just a short drive away.

    Price: $76/night

    11. This stone cottage with a private courtyard in Cumbria, England.

    Airbnb / Via

    You can live out all your Jane Austen-inspired daydreams in this humble cottage in the Lake District National Park. With homey touches and stone flooring throughout, the wood-burning stove can keep you cozy whenever you return home from your long walks through the countryside a la Keira Knightley in Pride and Prejudice.

    Price: $96/night

    12. This cozy home in Bent Mountain, Virginia.

    A room with wood-panelled walls and flower-patterned rug is filled with cozy furniture like a wicker love seat draped with a blanket.

    Part cottage, part studio apartment, this home in Blue Ridge has all the fixings, including a full kitchen, Wi-Fi, and a large deck. The repurposed wood gives the interior that rustic feeling, but it's the bold pops of colors and soft touches that'll really make you want to jump straight through this photo and right onto that bed.

    Price: $115/night

    13. This idyllic mountain retreat in Prescott, Arizona.

    A bed dressed in warm-toned pillows sits nestled in a narrow space between a wall and a large glass window that extends all the way across the room and looks out into the forest.
    Airbnb / Via

    From this truly nestled bed, you can wake up in the forest without having to actually sleep outdoors. This remote retreat, just two hours from Phoenix, is both professionally designed and perfectly cozy, blending natural textures and pastel accents. Can you imagine a better place to escape the city hustle?

    Price: $150/night

    14. This straw-thatched cottage in West Heath, England.

    A wooden door framed with an arch made of tree branches stands in front of an old English-style cottage with a straw roof.
    Airbnb / Via

    With three bedrooms, you and your best friends can hole up at this whimsical cottage that has a huge pool, cedar hot tub, and dining gazebo. When you're not soaking your cares away or sipping tea in the garden, you can take a turn through the labyrinth in the backyard or visit the friendly alpacas next door.

    Price: $169/night

    15. This nautical cabin in Golden Lake, Canada.

    Two bikes sit on the lawn in front of blue house on the lake that is decorated with a red London-style telephone booth.
    Airbnb / Via

    A tiny cabin literally on the lake, this place is trimmed with red, blue, and yellow decor that really ties together its nautical ~theme~. However, the highlight is the fire pit that's mere inches away from the gently lapping waters of Golden Lake. And, if you're in an adventuring mood, you'll also have access to complimentary kayaks, canoes, and snowshoes.

    Price: $121/night

    16. This 13th century farmhouse in Saint Briavels, England.

    A brown stone farmhouse with a long driveway sits in front of a green valley.

    Hidden away in the wooded hills near Wye Valley, this brick cottage sits on 40 acres of private land where you'll find plenty of trails, streams, and sheep. There's no Wi-Fi either, so it's a great place to unplug!

    Price: $90/night

    17. This romantic lakeside cottage in Brandenburg, Germany.

    Two bougainvillea trees create an archway over the front door of a one-story cottage.
    Airbnb / Via

    Not too far from Berlin, you can find this cottage surrounded by nature near a sandy lakeshore. The garden is full of flowering bushes and fruit trees, and the interior blends rustic pieces with modern touches. There are plenty of ways to relax here, whether you go for a nap in the hammock or enjoy a meal out in the cobblestone courtyard. Take your pick!

    Price: $177/night

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