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    17 Cottagecore Moments That Belong In A Disney Movie

    ♪ "If I could escape, and re-create a place as my own world." ♪

    Would you rather live in the woods than in a city? Bind books instead of watch Netflix? Hang with teeny animals rather than dealing with human relationships?


    If you answered yes to all of these questions, you're definitely a strong candidate for the cottagecore lifestyle! Cottagecore is an internet aesthetic that romanticizes the return to a traditional life — one composed of living in a cottage, picking berries, making pottery, and frolicking in the flowers.


    Although the idea of cottagecore has existed for a few years now, it's recently been popularized by people on TikTok who seem to embody the lifestyle (minus the glaring fact that they're clearly using technology, but hey, we did say it's an "internet aesthetic").


    Here are some of the most whimsical cottagecore moments that TikTok has to offer:

    1. This woman who lives in an Irish gatehouse that was built in 1842:

    2. These lucky folks who are restoring a cottage that was built in 1926.

    3. This person who one-upped all of us by binding their own book.


    I'm gonna fill this book with flowers and leaves and draw a bunch of plants :) #bookbinding #cottagecore #goblincore #art

    ♬ flowers by in love with a ghost -

    4. This woman who baked a perfect loaf of bread using all the love in her heart.


    Wish I could share this loaf with you 🧸 Incase you haven’t heard, I love and appreciate you 🌙 #cottagecore #aesthetic #cottage #fyp #xyzbca

    ♬ My Neighbor Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro) - Aun J-Classic Orchestra

    5. This person who gave us the rose water DIY we never knew we needed.

    6. This woman who's basically living in a Hayao Miyazaki movie.


    A favorite scene from my favorite movie (and favorite book too!).♥️ #howlsmovingcastle #sophiehatter #cottagecore #cottage #fairycore #wildflowers

    ♬ original sound - tinamorris7

    7. This friendly witch who provided us with a much-needed self-love potion.


    A little sweet spell for my sweet followers 💛 Good for self love and positive vibes #aesthetic #cottagecore #witchcraft #witchtok #JustDanceMoves

    ♬ original sound - emileeflood

    8. This person who made their own sea salt while getting toasty by the fireplace.

    9. This person who bought a shed and plans to take on the overwhelming — but gratifying — task of turning it into a cottage.


    i bought a shed to turn into a little cottage!! this will take me months... #fyp #mycrib #keepingbusy #lgbt #bi #tinyhouse #cottagecore

    ♬ Hey Lover by The Daughters Of Eve - maisybee23

    10. This person who thought "snails" while making pottery and just went with it.


    When you’re a ceramicist with snails on the brain ... 🐌🧠 #goblincore #cottagecore #fairycore #foryou #fyp #oops

    ♬ original sound - laikastudios

    11. This person who made me feel some type of way about a chamomile plant.

    12. This person whose 100-year-old window restoration project could be a guided meditation.

    13. This person who journeyed through a botanical garden that seems like it could only exist in your dreams.

    14. This couple who said "screw it" to living in the 21st century.

    15. This person who made me want to eat copious amounts of dandelion jelly, even though I'd definitely have an allergic reaction.

    16. This person who took the most peaceful trip to a Vermont farm stand.


    a trip to a corona-approved farm stand. stay tuned for what I cook up! #cottagecore #cottagecoreaesthetic #nature #farm #witch #witchtok

    ♬ original sound - rosemarystime

    17. And this artist who introduced us to the coolest mushroom imaginable.

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