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11 Gardening Cheat Sheets

Whether you're an expert gardener or a total beginner, these handy charts will help.

Maybe you have two green thumbs. Or perhaps, you've never gardened before in your life. Well, with the right information, anyone can grow a successful garden. Here are 11 charts, guides, and infographics to get you started.


1. Learn how to make a raised garden bed that's the proper size and material for your space.

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2. And plan out a month-by-month calendar for your most successful garden ever.

Home Depot / Via

Check out this article by Home Depot to learn more about the best time to plant all your veggies.

3. Build the indoor herb garden of your dreams, because everyone should have fresh basil for pasta night and cilantro for taco Tuesday.

Chadwicks / Via

Read how to perfect your indoor herb garden from Chadwicks.

4. Determine the perfect flowers to grow in your garden so your home is always decked out with beautiful bouquets.

eReplacementCharts / Via

From greenery to cutting perennial and vase flowers, this chart on eReplacementcharts has all the info.

5. Learn how to switch up which crops you use year-by-year so your garden flourishes.

Bonnie Plants / Via

You'll need to switch up what you grow and where from year-to-year to make sure your crops get the proper nutrients. You can read more about it from Bonnie Plants.

6. And see which crops grow great together, because everyone deserves homegrown veggies.

Anglian Home / Via

Download the infographic and learn more about companion planting from Anglian Home.

7. Determine which kind of mulch is best for your particular gardening needs.

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Read all about it on

8. Keep your house plants beautiful and strong by re-potting them every so often.

Apartment Geeks / Via

Get the details from Apartment Geeks.

9. And save all your different vegetable seeds so your crops keep growing!

Grow Real Food / Via

Print it out or bookmark it on Grow Real Food.

10. Learn about all the benefits of a pesticide-free garden, and how to make healthy, natural gardening remedies.

Source: Blog / Via

You'll find everything you need to know on

11. And study up on when your crops should be sowed, planted, and harvested.

A Typical English Home / Via

You'll need to strategize before you plant a veggie garden. Download a printable version from A Typical English Home.

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