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    We Fact-Checked 17 EU Referendum Claims So You Don't Have To

    There are untruths, half-truths, and statistics.

    1. The UK sends the EU Β£350 million a week.

    2. Families would be Β£4,300 worse off if the UK voted to leave.

    3. Turkey – population 76 million – is joining the EU.

    4. The UK can't veto Turkey's membership of the European Union.

    No UK PM can veto NATO ally Turkey's accession, PM telling the public it won't be my problem is no comfort at all. #bbcqt @vote_leave


    On the face of it, Penny Mordaunt's claim here is simply false: The UK explicitly does have a formal veto on any new country joining the European Union.

    When Mordaunt talks about this issue at more length, such as during BuzzFeed's Facebook Live referendum town hall, her point is a little more subtle.

    She's actually saying that because the UK regards Turkey as a crucial NATO ally, and officially supports its becoming an EU member, it would be politically impossible for a UK prime minister to veto Turkey's membership. It may well be true that it would be politically difficult for the current prime minister to veto membership, but it's a stretch to say no future prime minister – who may have been elected on a very different platform – could do so.

    5. Millions of Turks will come to the UK.

    6. Victoria Beckham supports Brexit.

    7. "Yet another" lorry load of migrants arrived in the UK saying, "We're from Europe, let us in".

    8. If the UK votes to leave the EU, George Osborne will pass an emergency Budget with tax rises and spending cuts.

    9. There are secret plans being drawn up for an EU army that are being kept from UK voters.

    10. Brexit will destroy Western civilisation as we know it.

    11. "Open-door" EU immigration has knocked 10% off UK wages.

    12. The EU has "taken all our fish through the years".

    13. Britain would be "at the back of the queue" for a US trade deal.

    14. Britain would be "at the front of the queue" for a US trade deal.

    15. Britain would neither be at the front nor the back of the queue for the US trade deal.

    16. If you vote to remain, there will be "no more Queen or royal family", "no parliament", and "EU armed forces, no British".

    17. You need to take a pen with you to the polling booth, or "they" will rub out and change your vote.

    #EURealityCheck #EUreferendum #EUref #EU EU Referendum vote #VoteLeave Take a biro!! Pencil, which they give you, can be erased!


    You don't need to do this. If the powers that be wanted to fake a referendum result, there would be much easier ways than manually rubbing out and changing pencil votes. (This would also be very difficult to do in the tight turnaround on UK counts.)

    Countries that do routinely rig their ballots tend to find simpler ways to do it: Ballot boxes pre-stuffed with fake papers are a common trick, as is "losing" boxes full of votes from opposition areas. Rubbing out millions of votes is too much like hard work.

    However, polls suggest millions of people believe the referendum will be fixed. Research by YouGov shows 46% of Leave supporters believe "it is likely the EU referendum will be rigged" and 28% believe MI5 is working with the government to prevent Brexit.

    Still, if you really feel you must take a pen to the voting booth, feel free – it is allowed under the rules.