If You Loved Paris Is Burning, You WIll Definitely Love Vogue Ball Tango

Kemar Jewel's latest Vogue Ball Tango, a reimagining of the popular "Cell Block Tango" where Broadway meets the House-Ballroom culture, might be the greatest thing to end 2015 with.

jamal lewis • 3 years ago

9 Spring Vacation Road Trip Destinations That Will Take You There

Did someone say nostalgia? Yes! School's out for a week and the joy of spring break is in the air. These dazzling road-trip destinations are the perfect escape from busy work and school schedules, and the snow. Take a ride in the reliable and affordable new 'Sports Utility Hybrid' and see where life takes you.

jamal lewis • 4 years ago

30 Strikingly Beautiful Gender Non-Conforming/Gender Non-Binary Selfies

Reimagining beauty and self[ie] determination one selfie at a time. This is just a glimpse of the existential defiance so wondrously present in gender non-conformity and gender non-binary folks across the world.

jamal lewis • 4 years ago

Why Azealia Banks Is Right About Iggy Azalea

Yes, Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea are at it again; but, let's make one thing crystal clear: when Azealia Banks calls out Iggy, know that she is clapping back against imperialist white supremacist capitalist heteropatriarchy and the various ways in which it profits off of anti-blackness in media, art and life. The media will do its best to frame her as an "angry black woman" because that's what happens when black women choose to speak up in this country -- historically, and now; so, don't call her angry or reckless because she has a point. A point that is bigger than her and Iggy, which is clearly evident in Iggy's response to her via twitter.

jamal lewis • 4 years ago

There's Nothing Not To Love About Samantha James

Samantha James (Revlon) is perhaps the greatest thing to happen to my Facebook timeline. It is a show-stopping moment every time she lifts her camera phone to her face welcoming us into her life, her world and all of the characters that exist within it. She speaks with such candor and honesty about her lived experiences and struggles as a black trans* woman and recovering drug addict; and, it is truly admirable, hilarious and poignant. Her videos highlight the complexity and messiness of being black, trans*, woman, houseless, a sex worker, and mentally disabled in America. She is carving out space in the digital landscape to share her narrative and influence lives -- un-edited and in-your-face. This is reality and honest media!

jamal lewis • 4 years ago