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    30 Strikingly Beautiful Gender Non-Conforming/Gender Non-Binary Selfies

    Reimagining beauty and self[ie] determination one selfie at a time. This is just a glimpse of the existential defiance so wondrously present in gender non-conformity and gender non-binary folks across the world.

    1. Harnaam Kaur

    Brock Elbank / Barcroft Media / Via Tumblr

    2. Lourdes Ashley Hunter

    Lourdes Ashley Hunter / Via Facebook

    3. Eddie Ndopu

    Eddie Ndopu / Via Facebook

    4. Caleb Luna

    Caleb Luna / Via Facebook

    5. Kay Ulanday Barrett

    Visibility Project / Via Facebook

    6. Dark Matter

    Dark Matter / Via Facebook

    7. Joshua Allen

    Joshua Allen / Via Facebook

    8. Ngọc Loan Trần

    Ngọc Loan Trần / Via Facebook

    9. Ya'rrill Watts

    Ya'rrill Watts / Via Facebook

    10. Mark Aguhar

    calloutqueen / Via Tumblr

    11. Soda Papi

    Soda Papi / Via Facebook

    12. Micky Bee

    Micky Bee / Via Facebook

    13. Sasha Alexander

    Sasha Alexander / Via Black Trans Media

    14. BattyJack

    BattyJack / Via Facebook

    15. Mickey Tee

    Mickey Tee / Via Facebook

    16. Mark Travis Rivera

    Mark Travis Rivera / Via Facebook

    17. B. Hawk Snipes

    B. Hawk Snipes / Via Facebook

    18. Kiyan Williams

    Kiyan Williams / Via Facebook

    19. Lee Jiménez

    Lee Jiménez / Via Facebook

    20. Thomas-Venus Hinyard

    Thomas-Venus Hinyard / Via Facebook

    21. Col Williams

    Col Williams / Via Facebook

    22. Cristobal Naranjo

    Cristobal Naranjo / Via Facebook

    23. Duonné Benoit

    Duonné Benoit / Via Facebook

    24. Robin Renee

    Robin Renee / Via Facebook

    25. Indie Jonze

    Indie Jonze / Via Facebook

    26. Aurel Haize Odogbo

    Aurel Haize Odogbo / Via Facebook

    27. SirCharles Messick

    Curtis Bryant / Via Facebook

    28. Jay-Marie Hill

    Jay-Marie Hill / Via Facebook

    29. RoShonda Smith

    RoShonda Smith / Via Facebook

    30. Shan Davis

    Shan Davis / Via Facebook


    Jamal Lewis / Via Facebook
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