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    30 Strikingly Beautiful Gender Non-Conforming/Gender Non-Binary Selfies

    Reimagining beauty and self[ie] determination one selfie at a time. This is just a glimpse of the existential defiance so wondrously present in gender non-conformity and gender non-binary folks across the world.

    1. Harnaam Kaur

    2. Lourdes Ashley Hunter

    3. Eddie Ndopu

    4. Caleb Luna

    5. Kay Ulanday Barrett

    6. Dark Matter

    7. Joshua Allen

    8. Ngọc Loan Trần

    9. Ya'rrill Watts

    10. Mark Aguhar

    11. Soda Papi

    12. Micky Bee

    13. Sasha Alexander

    14. BattyJack

    15. Mickey Tee

    16. Mark Travis Rivera

    17. B. Hawk Snipes

    18. Kiyan Williams

    19. Lee Jiménez

    20. Thomas-Venus Hinyard

    21. Col Williams

    22. Cristobal Naranjo

    23. Duonné Benoit

    24. Robin Renee

    25. Indie Jonze

    26. Aurel Haize Odogbo

    27. SirCharles Messick

    28. Jay-Marie Hill

    29. RoShonda Smith

    30. Shan Davis