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HQ Trivia Doesn't Need A Chat Feature

We get it, Scott's in jail. He's never coming back. Get over it.

Jacob Whritenour • 4 months ago

Click Nostalgic Neopets Images And See Which Pet You'll Get

The popular virtual site, Neopets, was a huge hit back in the day. Click around to find out which pet you'll end up with!

Jacob Whritenour • 9 months ago

Geeky Halloween Gift Guide

Find the perfect spooky items to decorate your home or office and share some holiday fears! Halloween is just a month away which means you are going to need to set up your place with some fitting decor or dress for the occasion. There are tons of cool items out there for anyone looking to get a little geeky this Halloween.

Jacob Whritenour • 11 months ago
Jacob Whritenour • One year ago

Couple Of Tips To Make Your College Life Just A Little Cheaper

Recent college grads and current students alike can all agree the cost of attending a college or university is extraordinarily outrageous. It's definitely too much to understand but easy to clearly notice the substantial amount of money owed once the bill comes in. As school is now starting, let's check out a few tips to hopefully ease the burden of paying for your education.

Jacob Whritenour • One year ago

Which '90s Cartoons Are These Villains From?

How well do you remember your favorite cartoons?

Jacob Whritenour • 3 years ago

Which Useless Pokémon Will You Catch?

You don't really wanna catch'em all.

Jacob Whritenour • 4 years ago
Jacob Whritenour • 4 years ago
Jacob Whritenour • 4 years ago

Friendly Reminder Of Appropriate Behavior At Theme Parks

It's that time of the year again. Many thrill-seekers will flock to various theme parks around the globe since the nicer weather is upon us. I just wanted to share a few friendly tips to keep not only the guests happy but employees as well.

Jacob Whritenour • 4 years ago

Is There A Reason To Use First Names In Commercials?

There are millions of commercials on the airwaves these days. Some are clever but others just make me cringe. Especially the ones that use only a single name in its whole dialogue.

Jacob Whritenour • 4 years ago

SNL Products Worth Buying

In honor of Saturday Night Live's 40th anniversary this month, here's a list of products everyone should purchase once in their lives. Sure, they may be fictional items on a sketch comedy show, but you might be surprised.

Jacob Whritenour • 4 years ago

Clip Shows Should Be On The Way Out

There are a lot of shows out there that use footage from everyday people and it's probably going to end in the near future.

Jacob Whritenour • 4 years ago

Winter Wonderland Is A Giant Innuendo

Christmas is upon us. It's a lovely time of year, some say it's the most wonderful. Christmas, winter and holiday songs are usually religious and some are fun. Either way, we all enjoy the classics. But there is one song that, on the surface seems jolly, is actually filled with adult content.

Jacob Whritenour • 4 years ago

Games I Am Thankful For

Today is the day of giving thanks and appreciating what you have in life. I love my family and friends and while some things in life could be better, I am happy with where I'm at. I won't delve into everything or get all mushy but this is a small list of some games that have had a significant moment in my life. Enjoy and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Jacob Whritenour • 4 years ago

The Worst Time To Buy Your Halloween Costume

Talk about bad timing. If you're not the very Halloweeny type then chances are you don't plan ahead in order to celebrate.

Jacob Whritenour • 4 years ago

My 10 Examples Of Being A Lost Fanatic

That show about all the weird things that happen on an island after a plane crash, remember that? Those were some great times. I should know too. I've been a fan of the show since it aired. I was immediately hooked 10 years ago today. So, as any good fan should know, we all must represent our favorite shows in someway. Here are ten crowning achievements of my Lost collection.

Jacob Whritenour • 4 years ago

My Perfect Marriage Proposal

My fiancée and I have been best friends for ten years. Kim and I started dating in high school and while we had some on-again, off-again situations, we've been going strong for seven years. Now, we're finally engaged and it was a magical experience. She knew about a month in advance that we had a date planned but never did the idea of me proposing to her cross her mind. The details are as followed.

Jacob Whritenour • 5 years ago

Bet On Your Baby Is Pretty Pathetic

You know the new show on ABC? The one where parents place their child's future on the line with silly games. Well, if you've seen it you might have realized how terrible a message it's sending to audiences, kids especially.

Jacob Whritenour • 5 years ago

Graduation-- Another Event Ruined By Today's Technology

We've all either seen or heard how much technology is ruining things from childbirth to funerals. Sure, humans should be a lot smarter and courteous but let's face it...people are stupid. You know, Instagramming or Tweeting at inappropriate times is what our society has turned into. And there is further proof it has ruined graduations.

Jacob Whritenour • 5 years ago