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10 Video Game Characters That Will Definitely Get You Pregnant

If fawning over virtual pecs is wrong, I don't want to be right.

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10. You'll pine for a sweet embrace from the insane biceps on the Tekken 7 roster.

Bandai Namco Entertainment / Via, Via, Via

You'll meet them and by hypnotized by the particle effects softly caressing their hot bods.

Thirst Level: 1 Glass of Delicious Ice Water

9. You'll let your heart get broken over and over by the original fuck boi in Uncharted 4.


You'll meet on a search to find the treasure that will win his heart.

Thirst Level: 2 Cups of Fresh Rainwater

8. You can immerse yourself in Ethan's towel-free attitude in Heavy Rain.

Sony Interactive Entertainment / Via

You'll meet after you both search for where you threw your towels.

Thirst Level: All The Water In That Shower


7. Your elf-dwarf fantasies will come true in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Electronic Arts / Via, Via, Via

You'll meet in a castle you both tried to conquer for the other's honor.

Thirst Level: A Good Portion of That Castle's Moat

6. Or you can feel that alien sci-fi thirst in Mass Effect 3.

Electronic Arts / Via, Via

You'll meet on the crew deck just before you set out on a journey to complete their romance quest line.

Thirst Level: The Ships Entire Supply of H2O

5. You'll be completely dehydrated by Street Fighter V.

Capcom / Via, Via, Via

You'll meet them while playfully trading grab moves during a match you hope will never end.

Thirst Level: All The Water in Every Glacier That Exists

4. Geralt from The Witcher 3 will be your shirtless oasis in a desert of virtual clothes.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment / Via, Via

You'll meet while thoroughly drying his freshly bathed calf.

Thirst Level: Every Drop of Water He's Ever Bathed In

3. You'll intensify your dad thirst with Joel from The Last of Us.

Sony Computer Entertainment / Via, Via

You'll meet and instantly attract zombies because you can't stop whispering sweet nothings into each others ears.

Thirst Level: All The Drinkable Water Left On The Planet

2. Start off with the hunk that is Dante from Devil May Cry.

Capcom / Via, Via, Via

You'll meet while gently dressing each other in slow motion before a giant demon attacks.

Thirst Level: All The Drinkable + The Undrinkable Water

1. Or, literally, just play anything w/ Sonic. ~*swoon*~

Sega, Nintendo

You'll meet while going v fast.

Thirst Level: Every inch of 8-bit Liquid in Every Single Sega Sea