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    22 Amazing Actors Who've Been Nominated For An Oscar But Have Never Won

    Glen Close has been nominated SIX times without ever winning.

    1. Glenn Close

    2. Robert Downey Jr.

    3. Michelle Williams

    4. Bill Murray

    5. Harrison Ford

    6. Sigourney Weaver

    7. Tom Cruise

    8. Joaquin Phoenix

    9. Laura Linney

    10. Jessica Chastain

    11. Edward Norton

    12. Annette Bening

    13. Keira Knightley

    14. Ed Harris

    15. Michelle Pfeiffer

    16. Ralph Fiennes

    17. John Malkovich

    18. Ian McKellen

    19. Rooney Mara

    20. Samuel L. Jackson

    21. Winona Ryder

    22. Amy Adams

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