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    9 "Severance" Questions I Need Answered In Season 2

    Wake my innie up when we have some answers!

    The season 1 finale of Apple TV's Severance has fans talking and speculating wildly.

    1. What do they even do at Lumon?

    2. How is Gemma/Ms. Casey still alive?

    3. How does Irving's outie know about the testing floor?

    4. Why was Ms. Cobel so interested in Devon's baby?

    5. WTF is up with the waffle party dancers?

    6. What is "the revolving?"

    7. What are those ideographic cards from O&D?

    8. Who is the Board?

    9. What. Is. Happening. WITH THE GOATS?

    Thankfully Season 2 is already confirmed, so we won't have to wait too long for answers.

    #Severance season 2. Your Outie’s request has been approved.

    Twitter: @BenStiller

    What are you hoping to see in Severance's second season? Let us know in the comments!