39 Tweets About "The White Lotus" Finale That Knocked Me Out Cold, Kind Of Like [REDACTED]

    "I can’t believe we all decided to be that tense for fun. Is this what watching sports is like?"

    Last night, we all watched the Season 2 finale of The White Lotus, and I think it's safe to say we are all STILL PROCESSING!

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    In the end, I think the show wrapped up beautifully, but don't just take my word for it! Here's what Twitter had to say about the explosive ending to our little adventure in Sicily.


    1. The Season 2 finale really gave us everything we could have wanted!

    “This finale had everything: fist fights, open relationships, stolen phones, uncle fuckers, white men getting scammed, a Jennifer Coolidge gay murder spree, and the worst yacht dismount you’ve ever seen.” #TheWhiteLotus #TheWhiteLotusHBO

    @Zac_Coffey1 / NBC / Via Twitter: @Zac_Coffey1

    2. Though it was not without its stressful moments.

    the white lotus season finale was actually just an hour and 17 minute long panic attack

    Twitter: @juliarburnham

    3. I was truly screaming at my TV out of DISMAY!

    I can’t believe we all decided to be that tense for fun. Is this what watching sports is like? #WhiteLotus

    Twitter: @ashleyn1cole

    4. But let's first look at the season's true "winners."

    Daphne and Lucia are the strongest characters on #WhiteLotus. They know what this world is, make the most of it, and beat men at their own games.

    @dozygay / HBO / Via Twitter: @dozygay

    5. Lucia really came out this season as my new shero.

    - secured international clients ✅ - enjoyed resort amenities for free ✅ - smashed Cameron ✅ - smashed Albie ✅ - got a slimy dude to cough up 50k ✅ You’re a winner, baby. #TheWhiteLotus

    @simbernardo / HBO / Via Twitter: @simbernardo

    6. With her girl Mia right by her side.

    they gatekeeped, gaslighted and girlbossed #TheWhiteLotus #TheWhiteLotusHBO

    @blikesmovies / HBO / Via Twitter: @blikesmovies

    (Honorable mention to the "bad man" who was just this lil' boy hotel worker the whole time. LMAOOO.)


    @katpickhardt / Disney / Via Twitter: @katpickhardt


    me after witnessing lucia and mia scam albie and his family #WhiteLotus #thewhitelotus

    @sodipyouinhoney / ABC / Via Twitter: @sodipyouinhoney

    9. Moving on to Daphne, our other undeniable MVP.

    emailing my psychiatrist like…i want whatever she’s on #TheWhiteLotusHBO

    @kristen_e_j / HBO / Via Twitter: @kristen_e_j


    Ethan, Harper and Cameron going thru five stages of grief over who cheated on who with whom and why Daphne: #WhiteLotus

    @martialmojito /  @emmaroberts / Via Twitter: @martialmojito Instagram: @https://www.instagram.com/emmaroberts/?hl=en

    11. And let's talk about the ACTING, babe! Like, wut?

    She didn’t say anything for 30 seconds and yet she said so fucking much. #TheWhiteLotus https://t.co/v7lQuqGpxc

    @gibsonoma / HBO / Via Twitter: @gibsonoma

    12. Valentina made herstory.

    Congrats to the first lesbian on TV to have a happy ending #WhiteLotus

    Twitter: @jennyhagel

    13. And got to live her best life.

    Valentina showed up to the desk like: #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @OldNeoSoul

    14. While Harper and Ethan seemed to figure out some shit (at least for now, LOL).

    they just needed to CHEAT #TheWhiteLotus

    @2live4thehope / HBO / Via Twitter: @2live4thehope


    Cinematic parallels. #TheWhiteLotus

    @kevinddaly / HBO / The Jim Henson Co. / Via Twitter: @kevinddaly

    16. Now on to the losers of the season...

    the moment the digrasso men are lost to me is when the son let’s go of any notions of caring about his moms best interests just to get 50k to buy his Italian gf. just like that he chooses his fathers path #TheWhiteLotusHBO

    Twitter: @piedepina


    Turns out, you can! The DiGrasso mens legacy lives on🙃 #TheWhiteLotusHBO

    Twitter: @less_is_morgs

    18. Never been happier to be [redacted] years old.

    if you still think your 20s are the best decade of your life, I urge you to watch The White Lotus and notice how little fun Portia and Albie are having. An accurate portrayal.

    @hellolanemoore / HBO / Via Twitter: @hellolanemoore


    portia and albie leaving sicily together #thewhitelotus

    @revofash / FX / Via Twitter: @revofash


    Portia & Albie on the plane ride back from Sicily #TheWhiteLotus

    @avery__thompson / Disney / Via Twitter: @avery__thompson

    21. And of course, Portia was doin' Portia right to the bitter end.

    I have been so forgiving of the Portia wardrobe but I fully lost my shit laughing at the scarf tied on the baseball cap at the end

    Twitter: @anxiousdeluxe


    which feud was more violent: cam v. ethan or portia v. the aesthetics of beauty ?

    @alex_abads / HBO / Via Twitter: @alex_abads


    Portia at the gate for her flight #TheWhiteLotus #thewhitelotusfinale

    @BulkPepper / Universal Pictures / Via Twitter: @BulkPepper

    24. We need a White Lotus: All Stars season.

    @_lanabelle / HBO / Via Twitter: @_lanabelle

    25. Girl, you saw what happened with Paolo!!

    Portia watched all that Lizzie McGuire and didn’t learn to not trust men in Italy??

    Twitter: @theytwentyfour

    26. But she couldn't be bothered.

    portia while she thinks her boss is going to get murdered #TheWhiteLotus

    @tonypraysick / @florencepugh / Via Twitter: @tonypraysick

    27. What does every HBO show have in common?

    house of dragon 🤝 the white lotus #thewhitelotus

    @tsto_loff / HBO / Via Twitter: @tsto_loff

    28. But you gotta hand it to Portia and Tanya, because they did figure it out in the end.

    Portia and Tanya connecting the dots

    @its_Xopher / Channel 5 / Via Twitter: @its_Xopher

    (What little good it did them, though, LOLLLL.)

    29. Tanya was doomed from the start...

    Me convincing myself before this episode that Tanya was going to be a recurring character throughout every season of #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @ktkobi

    30. ...but was a babe from beginning to end.

    jennifer coolidge in every scene of the white lotus

    @jamesmercadante / Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @jamesmercadante

    31. Her garbage husband had it out for her.

    Greg when he needs his wife murdered #TheWhiteLotus

    @tamalitopicoso / Bravo / Via Twitter: @tamalitopicoso

    32. And so did the gays.

    tanya this whole episode #TheWhiteLotus

    @_veryspicy / Fox / Via Twitter: @_veryspicy


    Taking our straight friends out at the beginning of the night vs end of the night.

    @Mikeyef / Netflix / HBO / Via Twitter: @Mikeyef

    34. At least she got her moment of badass-ery before...well...

    tanya hearing a knock at the door: #whitelotus

    @Jesse_bslade / Logo TV / Via Twitter: @Jesse_bslade

    35. ...this:

    tanya trying to get off the yacht #TheWhiteLotus #WhiteLotus

    Twitter: @kathleen_hanley


    The fact that she saw him fully climb up the ladder onto the yacht and was still like, how do I get down? Operatic doomed heroine behavior boots the house down. #TheWhiteLotusHBO

    Twitter: @gnsorenson

    37. She was a beautiful buffoon right to the end, and we salute her.

    LOL “…so… is Greg having an affair?” #whitelotus

    @cjjohnsonjr / Via Twitter: @cjjohnsonjr

    38. But what shocked us all the most was this:

    the real plot twist of the white lotus was the two yale grads making it through the whole series before mentioning that they went to yale

    Twitter: @nancylcoleman

    39. And now we have one last request for HBO before Mike White starts writing Season 3:

    Me asking HBO for longer seasons of The White Lotus

    @dozygay / HBO / Via Twitter: @dozygay

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