Everyone Is Freaking Out Over Jennifer Coolidge's "These Gays" Line From "White Lotus" — Like, It Has Fully Taken Over Twitter

    One of those phrases that will go down in internet history because it's just that powerful.

    The second season of White Lotus ended last night, and we finally found out who died!

    So, yeah, turn back if you SOMEHOW haven't seen someone post a spoiler, because they're EVERYWHERE.


    But I'm not here to talk about the death of a certain someone...

    Twitter: @JENCOOLIDGE

    I'm here to talk about the line said by a certain someone.

    I'm obviously talking about something Jennifer Coolidge says.

    And I'm also obviously specifically talking about her "these gays, they're trying to murder me" line.

    It was instantly everywhere.

    A true highlight of the series.

    “Please! These gays…they’re trying to murder me!” is the best line of dialogue on tv this year. #TheWhiteLotus

    HBO/ Twitter: @SpencerAlthouse

    An immediate classic.

    The White Lotus writers’ room coming up with gays conspiring to murder Jennifer Coolidge

    HBO/ World of Wonder/ Twitter: @yannhatchuel

    And an immediate meme.

    “These gays, they’re trying to murder me!” A meme is born unto us this evening. #TheWhiteLotus

    HBO/ Twitter: @halliwax

    Perfect for all situations.

    please these gays they're trying to murder me

    Fox/ Twitter: @chrisrosa92

    Whether paired with that random member of Congress who cried because the Respect for Marriage Act passed...

    “These gays… they’re trying to murder me!” #WhiteLotus

    HBO/CSPAN/ Twitter: @AlwaysErked

    ...or any ol' random SpongeBob meme.

    I can’t believe these are literally the last two memes that I have saved

    HBO/Nickelodeon/ Twitter: @Emilyvaughnx

    A relatable phrase for the homosexual and non-homosexual community.

    When Tanya said “These gays, they’re trying to murder me,” I felt that.

    HBO/ Twitter: @Cezar54

    A versatile phrase worthy of use in daily life.

    In other news, I feel incorporating, “These gays, they’re trying to murder me,” into everyday life. #TheWhiteLotus #TheWhiteLotusHBO

    HBO/ Twitter: @TheresTJP

    And a clip that plays in all our minds rent-free for so long as we all shall live.

    I’m going to be in the middle of a serious meeting, think of this, and lose my fucking mind

    HBO/ Twitter: @allisonobiwan

    Expect to see that screenshot for YEARS to come.

    as soon as i heard “these gays, they’re trying to murder me” i immediately knew twitter was gonna go bananas with it

    Twitter: @brycegibby

    But I also think this line deserves some recognition and longevity as well:

    everyone talking about the gays trying to murder me line but this should be in the conversation too

    HBO/Twitter: @ilovelusi

    Ciao! 😭