Here's Whose Celeb Cameo Videos You Can Get For Pennies, And Whose You'll Need To Get A Loan To Buy

    Everybody has a price.

    If you're not familiar with Cameo, it's a service that allows you to commission personalized videos by celebrities from pretty much every sphere of fame.

    The videos can be anything from a personalized message for a friend's birthday, a business video to help promote a product, or even a live video where you get to speak to the celebs in real time!

    One of the most fascinating parts of the site is that celebrities set their own prices, so let's take a look at what celebs from film, television, reality, and music are charging for their videos.

    Let's start off with some of your favorite stars from the movies.

    1. Lindsay Lohan, aka Cady, from Mean Girls: $500

    2. Tom Felton, aka Draco, from Harry Potter: $599

    3. Bonnie Wright, aka Ginny, from Harry Potter: $250

    4. Kathy Najimy, aka Mary Sanderson, from Hocus Pocus: $300

    5. Sean Astin, aka Sam, from The Lord of the Rings: $299

    6. Billy Dee Williams, aka Lando, from Star Wars: $300

    7. Mara Wilson, aka Matilda, from Matilda: $80

    Now on to some of our favorite friends from hit TV shows!

    8. Kate Flannery, aka Meredith, from The Office: $190

    9. Brian Baumgartner, aka Kevin, from The Office: $195

    10. Melora Hardin, aka Jan, from The Office: $499

    11. Busy Philipps, aka Summer, from Girls5Eva: $225

    12. Jim O’Heir, aka Jerry, from Parks and Recreation: $175

    13. Scott Patterson, aka Luke, from Gilmore Girls: $275

    14. David Sutcliffe, aka Christopher, from Gilmore Girls: $97

    15. Sally Struthers, aka Babette, from Gilmore Girls: $400

    16. Conrad Ricamora, aka Oliver, from How to Get Away with Murder: $999

    How about some of our favorite reality stars?

    17. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi from Jersey Shore: $300

    18. Danielle Ruhl & Nick Thompson from Love Is Blind: $55 each

    19. Abhishek “Shake" Chatterjee from Love is Blind: $95.

    20. Colby Kissinger from The Ultimatum: $85

    21. Alexis Parr from The Ultimatum: $35

    22. Joey Sasso from The Circle: $85

    23. Deleesa St Agathe from The Circle: $65

    24. John Franklin from The Circle: $20

    25. Carole Baskin from Tiger King: $249

    26. Bethenny Frankel from The Real Housewives: $349

    27. Nene Leakes from The Real Housewives: $600

    And the Disney stars we grew up with.

    28. Anneliese van der Pol, aka Chelsea, from That's So Raven: $75

    29. Erik von Detten, aka Brink, from Brink!: $50

    30. Steven Anthony Lawrence, aka Beans, from Even Stevens: $45

    31. William Daniels, aka Mr. Feeny, from Boy Meets World: $150

    And finally, some of your favorite musical artists.

    32. Lance Bass from 'Nsync: $299

    33. JoJo Siwa of "Boomerang" fame: $500

    34. Mya of "Lady Marmalade" fame: $225

    35. Rebecca Black of "Friday" fame: $500

    What do you think? Will you be booking any of these stars for a Cameo any time soon? Let us know in the comments!