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17 Questions Jews Are Tired Of Being Asked About Christmas

No, I don't still celebrate.

"Ohhhhh. You're Jewish..."

1. "But, like, you still celebrate Christmas, right?"

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2. "But wasn't Jesus Jewish?"

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3. "Are you gonna celebrate it anyway, because it's a national holiday?"

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4. "You don't even have a tree?"

5. "Did you ever have a tree?"

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6. "So, you never believed in Santa?"

7. "Did you tell other kids he wasn't real when you were younger?"

8. "Do you still want to do Secret Santa? Oh, I'm sorry. I mean, 'holiday gift exchange'?"

9. "You don't even get presents?"

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By the way, if you feel so bad for me, go ahead and get me one!

10. "Do you wish you celebrated Christmas?"

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11. "Don't you feel left out?"

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12. "If you're Jewish, why are you so into 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' and Home Alone?"

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13. "So, like, what do you do on Christmas?

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14. "Do you go to the movies and eat Chinese food?"

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But, like, yes. Of course. Duh. But that's also what I do about four times a week, so...

15. "Isn't Hanukkah not actually important?"

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16. "Are you excited for the first night of Hanukkah?"

No, because that was, like, a month ago because it actually has nothing to do with Christmas and just got inflated thanks to your holiday. It's actually based on the Hebrew calendar and begins at the 25th day of Kislev.

17. "You can work on Christmas Eve, right?"

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