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Aug 2017
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    j483359794 commented on What Do You Do When You Start To Feel Burnt Out?

    Whenever I feel burnt out I set time aside in the day so I can just relax and do some drawing. I find waiting until you have the time to do a hobby means you'll go through life full of wishes. There's always going to be something that needs to be done first. So I take the time to… 

    3 years ago

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    j483359794 commented on This Is The Disgusting Reason Gordon Ramsay Refused To Swim In A Hotel's Pool

    I felt so bad for the hotel owner! You can tell he's absolutely heartbroken at his place failing, but has zero experience in how to manage it properly. I don't watch this show, so I hope the hotel owner got his stuff sorted out and fixed the place up!!! Absolutely love Ramsey though.… 

    3 years ago

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