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    Can You Point Out North Korea On A Map Without Picking Canada Instead?

    America, please don't bomb Canada.

    With the United States and North Korea engaged in a war of words that could possibly turn into a real war (with nukes), it's probably not great that so many Americans can't point to North Korea on a map.

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    The current tensions have been inflamed by tough words from both sides as North Korea threatens to shoot a missile into the waters around the American territory of Guam.

    With all the saber rattling going on, a new poll suggests that almost two-thirds of Americans view the pariah state as a "very serious threat."

    Jimmy Kimmel hit the streets of Los Angeles to ask average Americans if they could find North Korea on a map. The results were not encouraging.

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    Jimmy Kimmel Live

    Most people interviewed said the US should consider taking military action against North Korea. Except they didn't necessarily know where that was.

    People pointed to Europe.

    Jimmy Kimmel Live

    The Middle East.

    Jimmy Kimmel Live

    Or somewhere around Central Asia.

    Jimmy Kimmel Live

    But way too many people thought North Korea might be located in Canada.

    Jimmy Kimmel Live


    Jimmy Kimmel Live

    America, please don't bomb us.

    Jimmy Kimmel Live

    Don't bomb anyone, if you can help it. But especially don't bomb Canada. Please.

    So here's the real test. Can you find North Korea on the map?

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