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Isha Bassi 7 hours ago

29 Hilarious Tweets About "Avatar: The Last Airbender"

It's been 11 years and I'm STILL emotional over Zuko's redemption arc.

Isha Bassi 2 days ago
Isha Bassi 6 days ago
Isha Bassi 15 days ago

17 Adulting Tips Everyone Should Know By The Age Of 25

Because by your quarter-century, you should have your shit together.

Isha Bassi 18 days ago
Isha Bassi 19 days ago

24 Adult Realisations You've Gone Through If You're In Your 20s

Help me please, I want to be a little kid again.

Isha Bassi 20 days ago

25 Easy Meal Prep Ideas For When You Have No Idea What To Cook

These are sure to make you feel like a proper ~adult~.

Isha Bassi 21 days ago

29 Hilarious Tweets That Are A Perfect Representation Of Adulting

"The retirement age needs to be lowered to 25. I've had enough."

Isha Bassi 21 days ago
Isha Bassi 22 days ago

27 Helpful Moving Out Tips People Wish They Had Known The First Time Round

*Saves to bookmarks for when I eventually move out.*

Isha Bassi 23 days ago
Isha Bassi 26 days ago
Isha Bassi 27 days ago

"Elite" Is One Of The Best Shows On Netflix Right Now And Here Are The Tumblr Posts To Prove It

Imagine if Christian and Valerio met?!?! Wow, the chaotic energy.

Isha Bassi One month ago

Taylor Swift Is Performing At The Melbourne Cup — Here's Why That's Problematic

"As a fan and a Melbourne resident, I am genuinely disgusted and disappointed."

Isha Bassi One month ago
Isha Bassi One month ago

This Is Why People Are Slamming "60 Minutes" For Their Promo About Meghan Markle

"This makes '60 Minutes Australia' look bad, not Meghan."

Isha Bassi One month ago

Here's Every "Saturday Disney" Host Then Vs Now

Oh boy, this makes me feel nostalgic.

Isha Bassi One month ago

35 Of The Most Insta-Worthy Locations From Around The World

I need to visit every single one of these.

Isha Bassi One month ago
Isha Bassi One month ago