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    Aussies Are Educating Non-Australians On The Downsides To Living In Australia And It's Super Interesting

    Two words: Timezone differences.

    Here at BuzzFeed Oz, you'll find many a post dedicated to singing the praises of Down Under. From our slang to our food, and, of course, our unique culture, we're a proud set of people, and we're not afraid to say it.

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    But no country is perfect, and that includes Australia. So, when Reddit user u/luc45o asked, "What's the worst part about living in Australia?" I found the responses to be super interesting. Here are some of the most popular ones!

    1. "It's so far away from everyone and everything else, meaning that travelling anywhere internationally is so expensive."

    "I constantly watch my friends and family in Europe (spread in different countries) catch up and hang out every few months for dinner or something. Meanwhile, for me to travel there and see them, I have to take into account my accrued leave, thousands in flight and accommodation, blah blah."


    2. "You fly two hours in Europe and you can end up going to dozens and dozens of different cultures. You fly two hours in Australia and you end up in Brisbane."


    3. "Renting."


    "Rent a house for years, pay tens of thousands of dollars rent on time every week, then have the landlord withhold the bond and charge you hundreds because there is some dust on a window rail."


    4. And on that note: "Trying to break into the housing market."


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    5. "Our internet/mobile infrastructure, especially if you live in regional or rural Australia."

    "Developing countries have better internet than us."


    6. "The staggering rate of [animal] extinctions."


    7. "Sunburn and skin cancer."


    8. "The burning garbage heap of a government."

    —u/KnavishLagorchestes, Twitter / @spacecoolboy

    9. "The mullets who play shit music through their phone speakers while catching the train without paying their fare."


    10. "Cost of shipping from overseas."


    11. "The heat and the intensity of the sun."


    12. "The way Australian right-wing fuckwits parrot American conservatives and think they are actually reflecting Aussie values."


    13. "The flies. They attack you incessantly most of the year. Sometimes there aren't many, like in cities, and sometimes they are around you in droves, like in inland regional areas."


    14. "Scott Morrison."


    "The rectal ass cancer that is our prime minister and likes of Dutto and Frydy. They represent the interests of all Australians — so long as you’re white and Christian, but the closer to the prosperity Christian shit-sippers you are, the more represented you are by the cunt in charge."


    15. "I really dislike how cold the houses get in winter. Back in Scandinavia, the winters may be cooler, but inside, the houses are nice and toasty."


    "It's a paradox 'cause this is true, but by the standards of many places, we don't even have a real winter — most of the country never sees snow.

    Thing is, while the winter temperatures might only get down to a max of 15 or so, most of our dwellings are built to do better in the heat than in cold. I’ve heard from visiting Finns and Canadians that they’ve never felt so cold at home as they do in Australia. The default here is no central heating, no double glazed windows and poor insulation. So you end up wearing jumpers inside the house and shivering."


    16. "There's no coffeehouse/diner culture here to get late night eats or just sit and have a coffee after 2 p.m."


    Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images,

    17. "The price of everything, the nanny state laws and not having phone reception in the middle of a fucking shopping centre."


    18. "The [Rupert] Murdoch media. Stupid propaganda machine seems to own every little bit of our TV and radio etc."


    19. "Timezone differences."

    "I was so happy that the Olympics were held in Japan [last year] so I could watch all the events I wanted to live."


    20. "Putting up with idiots destroying the environment and being racists. Violence toward women being so rife. There's a lot of that fuckwit white male culture hangover here, and it really holds us back from being proud of ourselves."


    21. And lastly, "Drop bears."


    Some Reddit submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    Whether it's Australia or somewhere else in the world, what are the best and worst parts about living in your country?