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Updated on 6 Sep 2020. Posted on 2 Sep 2020

39 Things That Would Be Different In The Australian Version Of "Twilight"

Say goodbye to that iconic baseball scene because here in Australia we play cricket.

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Edward, Jacob and Bella from "Twilight" standing in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia
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1. The Cullens would reside in a glorious mansion located in Sydney.

2. This would be in the wealthier part of town — most likely Killara, which is close to Lanecove National Park, where they could hunt peacefully.

3. And the reason behind them living somewhere so hot and sunny? Well, in this version of Twilight, vampires need to live in a warm climate because they melt when it rains.

4. Which means that whenever there's a downpour, the Cullens take a day off school.

5. Bella has moved from her mum’s place in Melbourne — where it was cold and rained a lot — to her dad’s place in Sydney, where she was advised to pack extra sunscreen.

6. She would bring her favourite KeepCup as a reminder of her days in Melbourne.

7. And have to say bye to both her mum and her mum's boyfriend, who is a famous AFL player.

8. Charlie would still buy Billy Black’s truck as a homecoming gift for Bella — except he would call it a ute instead.

9. And there would be extra sun visors installed.

10. Bella would definitely complain about her new school uniform, which would be mandatory, of course.

Jasper Hale from "Twilight" holding a cricket bat
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11. But knowing her, she would find definitely find some way to subvert them, like wearing the tie a lot looser than the school rulebook.

12. Speaking of school, Jessica would be the “chipper school captain” and take Bella under her wing.

13. And while sussing out the school’s handball courts, that’s where Bella would see the Cullens for the first time.

14. Bella and Edward would be lab partners in their science class rather than biology — because Aussie schools don’t divide students by subjects until they’re seniors.

15. Oh, and since hardly anyone drives to school, Edward would save Bella from an incoming school bus instead.

16. Over the next couple of days, Bella finds out that Edward’s dad, Carlisle, is a doctor at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

17. She also would get invited to wag school and drive down to Wollongong, which Eric calls “the Gong, baby!”.

18. And go on a school excursion to the CSIRO Science and Education centre.

19. After a hard day’s work, Charlie would settle back and drink a couple cans of VB.

20. And Bella would attempt to pester him about the dingo attacks, which they’re investigating at the police department.

Charlie Swan from "Twilight" leaning against a wall, holding a can of VB
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21. Edward would drive a typical Aussie car, like a Holden Commodore.

22. And as part of his growing relationship with Bella, he would ask her to their school’s Year 10 formal.

23. Bella would go shopping with Jessica and Angela for the perfect formal dress.

24. And she would pay for it with the money she earned while working at Kathmandu, which is a travel and outdoor adventure store in Australia.

25. Instead of long hair, Jacob would be sporting a long and luscious rattail.

26. Which would then be cut off when he starts shapeshifting, prompting Bella to say, “You cut your rattail off?!?!”

27. Bella’s go-to dessert at a cafe would be a vanilla slice.

28. And she would definitely dare Edward to eat a Bunnings snag — one of the most delicious things on Earth — at some point.

29. Instead of baseball, the Cullens would invite Bella to a game of backyard cricket.

30. And they would escape to Newcastle during the events of New Moon.

Jacob Black from "Twilight" with a rattail
Summit Entertainment / BuzzFeed

31. Sam Uley's wolf pack would be called “The Boys” for short.

32. And they would joke around like a bunch of lads and say stuff like “YEAH, THE BOYS!” all the time, which would make Bella roll her eyes.

33. Edward would attempt to reveal himself at Schoolies, which takes place on the Gold Coast.

34. This is because The Volturi are located there.

35. Or, as the Cullens have nicknamed them, The Vozza.

36. Riley would assemble Victoria’s army in the coastal town of Byron Bay.

37. Instead of Carlisle owning an island near Brazil, he would own an island near Bali that would be used for Bella and Edward’s honeymoon.

38. But before that, Emmet and Jasper would host Edward’s bachelor party — aka hunting kangaroos and cassowaries.

39. And lastly, Jacob would give Renesmee the beautiful nickname of Nezza for short.

Paul, Embry and Sam from "Twilight"; Paul is saying "Yeah the boys!", Embry is saying "Shut up, c*n!" and Paul is doing "angry wolf noises"
Summit Entertainment / BuzzFeed

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