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"The Last Of Us" Adaptation Is Finally Here And Fans Have Been Blown Away

I can't get over the textbook parallels between the video game and the series.

It's no secret that video game adaptations can be hit-or-miss. From Uncharted missing the mark to Sonic the Hedgehog being a cursed fever dream (kudos to the production team for listening to fans and redesigning Sonic, though), gamers might go so far as to say that there's a curse that prevents the film industry from delivering a well-received gaming adaptation.

But things seem to have changed with HBO's The Last of Us, which has already been called the best video game adaptation of all time after the release of the series' first episode.

Ellie and Joel in the series

People: How was the first episode of The Last of Us HBO Show? Me:

Twitter: @MrBadBit

that was one of the best first episodes of an adaptation i’ve ever seen #TheLastOfUs

Twitter: @rhaelina

The #TheLastOfUs HBO show is hands down the best video game adaptation I’ve ever seen. Fuckin’ nailed it.

Twitter: @trevor_sr

Based on the highly acclaimed PlayStation video game developed by Naughty Dog, The Last of Us takes place in a postapocalyptic United States — 20 years after the world's population has been decimated by a fungal infestation that transforms humans into aggressive creatures known as the Infected.

An Infected creature

Survivor Joel Miller (played by Pedro Pascal) lives in one of the few quarantine zones and is hired to escort a teenager named Ellie (played by Bella Ramsey) — who is important for reasons I'll not spoil if you haven't played the game — across the wasteland.

Since it's such a beloved series in the gaming community, it's no surprise that fans were nervous at the prospect of such an intense and emotional story being faithfully adapted for the big screen. But having seen the first episode myself, I have to take my hat off to series creators Craig Mazin (the brain behind the Chernobyl miniseries) and Neil Druckmann (copresident of Naughty Dog).

As pointed out by fans, the parallels between the video game and the series are beyond incredible. In fact, it almost felt as if I was playing the game while watching the first episode — that's how accurate it was.

it's only been one episode, but #TheLastOfUs has already surpassed my expectations...the parallels between the video game and the series are INCREDIBLE I think this will be a video game adaptation that both fans and newcomers can get behind (and I'm excited to keep on watching)

Twitter: @Isha_Bassi

can we talk about how good the camera work was in the truck scene?? #TheLastOfUs

Twitter: @naomisavenue

this scene alone let me know is in good hands…it feels just like you’re in the game im obsessed #TheLastOfUs

Twitter: @bIuesykes

Me every 2 seconds when they recreate a scene from the video game frame for frame #TheLastOfUs

Twitter: @meredithgreypo

Just like the game, there was the perfect balance of gripping tension that left you on the edge on your seat, as well as emotional moments that were delivered excellently by the show's cast.

#TheLastOfUs may have just dropped one of the best premieres I’ve seen in years. With the same gripping tension of the video game balanced with dramatically satisfying characters and impeccable narrative pacing, it expands on the world while being faithful to its tone. I’m sat.

Twitter: @karl_delo

While it's still early days for HBO's The Last of Us (there are still nine episodes to go), it's a welcome change not only to see video game adaptations be faithful to the source material but also for the show's creators to understand how meaningful and important the story is to fans.

Ellie and Joel from the video game

You can see how much care and work went into crafting the show — I would almost say it's a love letter to all the fans who have supported the video game over the years.

It's not only about retaining the original spirit of the video game, though. HBO's adaptation of The Last of Us elevates the source material, making it enjoyable for longtime fans (hello, Easter eggs and references to the game) and accessible for newcomers — which is exactly why it's being called one of the best video game adaptations of all time.

Joel cupping his daughter's face in his hands in the series

As this Twitter user said, The Last of Us is "a new 'high score'" for video adaptations — and certainly a lesson to the film industry in how it should be done.

#TheLastOfUs is the best video game adaptation I’ve ever seen. The faithful show manages to improve upon the original material with some nifty welcomed additions. Pedro Pascal is superb as Joel, while Bella Ramsey is great as Ellie. A new “high score” for video game adaptations.

Twitter: @FicoCangiano

I can't wait to watch the rest of the series! But what are your thoughts on The Last of Us? Has it finally broken the video game curse? Let us know in the comments.

Also, I have to shout out Arcane — another video game adaptation released in 2021 — which absolutely blew it out of the water and deserves more recognition. Watch it while you wait for the next episode of The Last of Us to drop.