The Trailer For "The Last Of Us" Just Dropped, And I'm Already In A Puddle Of Tears

    The series is set to premiere on HBO Max in 2023.

    Guys, the official teaser trailer for HBO's The Last of Us is finally here! As a nerd who loves video games, I need to talk about the show otherwise, I'll combust.

    So without further ado, here's what we know about the show so far.

    Pedro Pascal stars as Joel, the main protagonist who is tasked with taking Ellie to safety, believing she's the cure to a cordyceps infection turning everyone into zombies.

    side by side of the game character and pedro pascal

    Ellie, who is immune to the infection, is played by Bella Ramsey.

    side by side of Bella and the game character

    Gabriel Luna plays Joel's younger brother, Tommy.

    side by side of Gabriel and Tommy from the video game holding a gun

    Nico Parker stars as Sarah Miller, Joel's daughter.

    Nico side by side with the game character

    Also starring in the show is Storm Reid as Ellie's best friend, Riley.

    storm reid and Rily from the game

    Nick Offerman plays Bill, a smuggler and survivalist who helps Joel and Ellie.

    side by side of the two with similar hair and beards

    Melanie Lynskey joins the cast as a new character named Kathleen who leads a revolutionary movement.

    side by side of melanie on the red carpet and in character

    And Merle Dandridge is reprising her role as Marlene, the leader of the militia group known as Fireflies.

    side by side of Merle and the game character

    While most details will remain the same, there are a few differences. The show will give more context about how the infection spread and what Joel's life was like before the outbreak.

    The game starts out in 2013 but the show will take place in 2003.

    The HBO show will also feature new characters, and one of the characters, Sam, who isn't deaf in the game, will be played by deaf actor, Keivonn Woodard.

    But the clickers are still just as terrifying.

    The show is set to debut in 2023. Watch the trailer here!

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