21 Of The Most Heartbreaking Deaths In The History Of Australian Television

    "To this day, I still cry when I watch literally any episode of Dance Academy."

    Australian television has had a lot of great moments, including some truly heartbreaking character deaths that traumatised the nation. Here are some of the most tragic, as discussed in our Sounds About Australia Facebook group.

    1. Claire McLeod from McLeod's Daughter's

    2. Bridget Parker from Neighbours

    3. Casey Braxton from Home And Away

    4. Patrick Reid from Offspring

    5. Molly Jones from A Country Practice

    6. Shane Parish from Home And Away

    7. Stingray Timmins from Neighbours

    8. Maggie Doyle from Blue Heelers

    9. Noah Lawson from Home And Away

    10. Bea Smith from Wentworth

    11. Sammy Lieberman from Dance Academy

    12. Melissa Rafter from Packed To The Rafters

    13. Cobalt (aka Veronica's horse) from The Saddle Club

    14. Lorna from My Place

    15. Kaz Proctor from Wentworth

    16. Lou Jackson Paige from Love My Way

    17. Alex Ryan from McLeod's Daughters

    18. Josh Willis from Neighbours

    19. Grace Barry and Michael Sandrelli from Rush

    20. Liz Birdsworth from Wentworth

    21. And lastly, Mitch Stevens from All Saints

    What other Australian TV character deaths left you totally heartbroken? Soothe your soul by discussing it in the comments!