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    It's Been 10 Years, But I Am Still Emotionally Scarred By Melissa Rafter's Death Scene

    Hands down, the most traumatising moment in the history of Australian television.

    They say time heals all wounds, but I gotta tell you, a decade on I am still carrying the battle scars from watching Melissa Rafter's death on Packed To The Rafters.

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    The car...the phone...the collision. At night, I sometimes still hear her call to me.

    If you, on the other hand, were one of the few who missed this golden era of TV, allow me to set the scene.


    Grab a box of tissues, you're gonna need 'em.

    After getting stuck at work, Melissa hops in the car to meet her hubby, Ben, for a romantic evening at a hotel.

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    Ben's been planning this as a surprise, hoping to whisk Mel away from home to a secret location, but her tardy work schedule has blown all that to shit.

    She buckles up, flicks on the radio and Coldplay’s "Fix You" — the most depressing song ever written — begins to play.

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    And we all know it's coming. The tears begin to well.

    Mel dials her voicemail inbox and a message from Ben begins to play.

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    Ben tells her not to go home and that she should "Come straight to the Kent Hotel in the city, room 712."

    He ends the call by saying, "Even though you made me spoil the surprise, I love you too."

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    And oh boy, here come the waterworks.

    It's dark, the headlights from passing cars are disorienting and as Mel glances down to end the call, it happens.

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    She runs straight through a stop sign without pausing and is t-boned by an oncoming car from the other direction.

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    Metal crunches, glass flies everywhere and the two cars spin out of control across the street.

    But oh god, the torment doesn't end there. In slow succession, we see all of the Rafter family receive the news.

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    And Ben, our poor Benny Boy, hears the knock on his hotel room and eagerly opens it — expecting to see his wife.

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    But it's a teary-eyed Nathan, who's the one that has to deliver the blow.

    The whole family then join Ben at the hospital, as he goes to say his final goodbye to Mel — and it all plays out in a heartbreaking, gut-wrenching, slow-motion scene.

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    Cue me screaming in agony at the TV.

    Fucking hell, Packed To The Rafters. You really did us dirty with this episode. I'm not sure I'm a big enough person to forgive you yet.


    I'll just be sitting here quietly with my grief, waiting for the Amazon Prime reboot.