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    I'm Still Not Over How Heartbreaking Cobalt's Death Was On "The Saddle Club"

    Still haven't forgiven Veronica, tbh.

    Australia has had plenty of iconic kids' shows, but none have remained more beloved or been as impactful than The Saddle Club.

    Lisa, Stevie and Carole smiling with their horses

    It had horses galore, a catchy theme song that everyone still knows the words to and it may or may not have sparked the sexual awakening of an entire generation.

    Lisa, Carole and Stevie singing and dancing while in a studio recording "Hello World"

    But it was also responsible for traumatising young Australians who had to witness the death of a beloved character.


    That's right, I'm talking about Cobalt — Veronica's horse who sadly had to be put down during the show's first season.

    Veronica riding Cobalt

    Like, five-year-old me was not mentally prepared to learn about the harsh realities of life, nor shed some violent tears over a horse's fictional death.

    @IllinoisLoyalty / Via Twitter: @IllinoisLoyalty


    It felt so out of the blue as well, with the episode initially focusing on Carole's interest in becoming a veterinarian.

    A close up of Carole

    Then there was a side story with Veronica's ego getting in the way, of course, and her agreeing to a jump off to prove Cobalt's superiority.

    Veronica talking to another student at Pine Hollow Stables

    This quickly took centre stage, with all eyes on the jump off. According to Kristy, Veronica needed to beat Sammy's time of 58 seconds, which she brushed off.

    A close up of Veronica


    As soon as Veronica started, Carole noticed that Cobalt was moving too stiffly and that Veronica may not have even bothered to warm up her horse.

    Lisa, Carole and Stevie on the sidelines watching the jump off

    The audacity! You have to take care of your horse, Veronica.

    The tension built, with Veronica whipping Cobalt into a gallop. She was going way too fast though and Carole shouted at her to slow down.

    Veronica riding Cobalt; he is galloping towards a jump

    Cobalt fell to the ground, throwing Veronica off. Things didn't look good and it was confirmed that Cobalt had injured his leg, resulting in a bad fracture that has a slim chance of recovery.


    And even if the fracture does heal, Cobalt would still be in pain for his entire life.

    Based on the recommendation from Dr Judy, the DiAngelos decided to put Cobalt down, leaving everyone — including myself, who is rewatching this scene to refresh my memory — distraught.

    Disney / ABC

    It happened so quickly. One moment, Carole, Lisa and Stevie are saying their heartfelt goodbyes to Cobalt.

    Lisa, Stevie and Carole petting Cobalt as he lays on the ground

    "I love you, boy."

    A close up of Carole petting Cobalt's face

    Excuse me while I go cry in a corner for about five minutes.

    The next, they're at his funeral, which took place in a field that Cobalt loved running in.

    Stevie, Carole and Lisa holding flowers while at Cobalt's funeral

    They've also planted a tree as a token of Pine Hollow's love for Cobalt.

    Everyone was devastated, but Carole still blamed Veronica for Cobalt's death.


    Same though.

    Carole even confronted Veronica, but changed her attitude once she saw how much Veronica already blamed herself.

    Veronica breaking down and getting emotional

    "If it wasn't for me, Cobalt would still be alive — he didn't want to jump, but I whipped him."

    In a bittersweet ending, it's revealed that Delilah — another one of Pine Hollow's horses — is pregnant with Cobalt's foal, meaning that his legacy will live on.

    Max standing next to Delilah

    And although things wrapped up on a happy note, it still didn't change the fact that Cobalt was gone, forever.

    Stevie and Carole comforting Cobalt after his fall

    Even though it's been 20 years, I can firmly say that this episode of The Saddle Club is still one of the saddest things I ever watched as a kid.

    The Pokémon Company International

    This and Dance Academy, sheesh.

    Seeing everyone's reactions and then Veronica — who is usually this snarky, annoying character — all broken just added to the feels.

    Veronica and Kristy with sad expressions on their face

    But perhaps that's what made The Saddle Club such a fantastic show — it wasn't afraid to get deep and teach valuable lessons.

    So even though Cobalt's death will most likely haunt me for the rest of my life, hats off to this iconic TV show.

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