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We Ranked The Most Cooked Kids Shows That Australians Grew Up With

This better not give my sleep paralysis demons any bright ideas.

21. The Girl From Tomorrow

20. Freaky

19. Grizzly Tales For Gruesome Kids

18. The Ferals

17. Pig's Breakfast

16. In The Night Garden

15. Elly & Jools

14. Plasmo

13. The Book Place

12. Mulligrubs

11. The Tribe

10. Johnson And Friends

9. Boohbah

8. Mr. Squiggle

7. Magic Mountain

6. Gogs

5. Parallax

4. Jeopardy

3. Lift Off

2. Round The Twist

1. And finally, Soupe Opéra

What other weird kids shows do you remember from your childhood? Let us know in the comments!