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We Need To Talk About How Cooked That Kids' Show Called "Parallax" Was

Please tell me I'm not the only one who remembers this show.

If you grew up in Australia during the '00s, there's no doubt you watched shows like Blue Water High, Silversun and The Saddle Club.


Alongside those classics, there were some truly cooked kids' shows that we spent hours watching. Round The Twist comes to mind, as well as Grizzly Tales For Gruesome Kids. But, I firmly believe that nothing can top Parallax, a sci-fi series that, looking back, feels like one big fever dream.

Nine Network / ABC

For those who need a reminder, Parallax is a children's TV show that's set in the country town of Werrinup, Western Australia. It aired in 2004 on the Nine Network.

Ben and Francis from Parallax sitting in a tree
Nine Network / ABC

Although, it definitely aired on ABC at one point too.

The show's story followed Ben Johnson, whose life is turned upside down when he's accused of a theft he did not commit. While in pursuit of the real thief, Ben discovers a portal to multiple parallel universes and starts exploring them with his friends.

Ben looking through a cave opening
Nine Network / ABC

Sounds interesting, right? But wait, let refresh your memory on some of the alternate universes that existed in Parallax.

A closeup of Francis
Nine Network / ABC

There's the yellow world, otherwise known as Francis' Hippie World because it was literally only filled with hippies. Oh, and the only way you can access it is through a portal in an old Kombi van.

Nine Network / ABC

It's also very ~mellow~ here, which I guess is why it's called the ~yellow~ world.

Then, there's the green world, or Mundi's Forest World, where there's an emphasis on taking care of the environment. That sounds great, until we're shown that this world is actually infested by these terrifying insects called Krelliks.

Nine Network / ABC

In the forest, people live above ground in these massive structures — both to minimise their impact on the ecosystem, but to also protect themselves from those demonic pests.

Like, what the actual fuck is this? I would be terrified if this started scuttling towards me IRL.

A closeup of a Krellik, which is a purple, crab-shaped insect with pincers
Nine Network / ABC

WHERE ARE ITS EYES??? IS IT THOSE THREE LINES?! Cursed, extremely cursed.

Also, there's more nightmare fuel that exists in Parallax. This, uh, thing or insect or whatever it is, is called a Welkin — and it can FLY.

A close up of a Welkin, which has fans, a shell and long, insect-like legs
Nine Network / ABC


There's also the silver world, which is meant to be very advanced in all things tech. Although, I remember there also being a ~tEcHnO~ aspect to it.

Two characters from the silver world
Nine Network / ABC

Didn't you know that pink and green hair scrunchies fit into the techno aesthetic? Because in Parallax, they do.

Oh, and there's the blue world (aka Katherine's world), where Ben discovers a sister he never knew existed, as well as his biological father. Like, just casually, while travelling through those portals.

A close up of Katherine, Ben's sister
Nine Network / ABC

Ben's mum, Veronica, makes an appearance too. She's revealed to be the Guardian of the Parallax and, if my memory serves me right, there's this whole subplot of her sending Ben to this random desert world as a test.

Nine Network / ABC

Don't ask me questions about this, because I have no answers.

Plus, there's that whole "the worlds of the Parallax are in danger" and "we need to stop that evil lady called Betti, who looks like Ben's mum", thing.

A close up of Betti
Nine Network / ABC

Basically, this show was a bunch of random sci-fi elements, thrown in together with a questionable plot that I'm struggling to remember.

Nine Network / ABC

Probably because it didn't make sense.

But don't take this as a diss on Parallax. I definitely loved this show as a kid because the concept of parallel personalities and worlds was really cool. Plus, let's not forget that it had one banger of a theme song.

Nine Network / ABC

It's just hilarious to think of the differences between kids' shows back in the day and what they look like now.

Ben and Veronica standing on top of a gold symbol in a black room
Nine Network / ABC

Anyway, hats off to Parallax. You were definitely weird, but also entertaining — and it's a shame we never did get that second season.

One of the Parallax characters looking at a glass of wine with a confused expression of their face; the caption reads "me sifting through random Parallax eps while writing this post"
Nine Network / ABC

Although, I am now highly tempted to rewatch it as an adult because someone has conveniently uploaded the episodes to YouTube.

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