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    19 Forgotten ABC Kids Shows That Will Unlock Core Memories From Your Childhood

    "You're listening to Radio Free Roscoe."

    1. Stoked

    2. The Latest Buzz

    3. Li'l Elvis And The Truckstoppers

    4. Dead Gorgeous

    5. Radio Free Roscoe

    6. Storm Hawks

    7. Spliced

    8. Charlie And Lola

    9. Naturally, Sadie

    10. Skyland

    11. Carl Squared

    12. M.I High

    13. Growing Up Creepie

    14. Dragon Booster

    15. Young Dracula

    16. Grossology

    17. George Shrinks

    18. Kid Vs. Kat

    19. King Arthur's Disasters

    What other ABC kids shows do you remember watching growing up? Let us know in the comments!