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    I Ranked 34 "Riverdale" Characters From "Should've Never Existed" To "Absolutely Saved The Show"

    Yes, I did rank a couple of serial killers higher than Archie Andrews. It's just how I feel!

    If you are or ever were a viewer of Riverdale, you definitely have some opinions about the characters. I have A LOT, so I decided to rank them from worst to best.

    The Riverdale universe is enormous and there are too many damn characters, so I left out a couple smaller ones. Don't hate me!!!

    34. Clifford Blossom

    33. Hiram Lodge

    32. Archie Andrews

    31. Hal Cooper

    30. Edgar Evernever

    29. Chic

    28. Charles Smith

    27. Ethel Muggs

    26. Penelope Blossom

    25. Hermione Lodge

    24. Polly Cooper

    23. Kevin Keller

    22. Mr. Weatherbee

    21. Tom Keller

    20. Sierra McCoy

    19. Mr. Honey

    18. Sweet Pea

    17. Jason Blossom

    16. Marmaduke "Moose" Mason

    15. Nana Blossom

    14. Jughead Jones

    13. Mary Andrews

    12. Veronica Lodge

    11. Fangs

    10. Reggie Mantle

    9. Cheryl Blossom

    8. Josie McCoy

    7. F.P. Jones

    6. Tabitha Tate

    5. Toni Topaz

    4. Alice Cooper

    3. Fred Andrews

    2. Pop Tate

    1. Betty Cooper

    Who do you think should've been ranked higher or lower? Who else do you think should've been on the list? Let us know in the comments!