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17 Adulting Tips Everyone Should Know By The Age Of 25

Because by your quarter-century, you should have your shit together.

1. Switch up your regular savings account for one that has high interest.

2. And while you're at it, research super funds that offer a high growth option.

3. Develop a love of good food, working out and looking after your mental health.

4. Write a budget AND stick to it.

5. And to help with that, track your monthly expenses in a bill organiser or app.

6. Learn how to cook a couple of dishes that look complex, but are super easy to prepare.

7. And instead of wasting all your money on store bought lunches, teach yourself how to meal prep.

8. Plus invest in some good quality tupperware, which will encourage you to cook.

9. Learn what you can splurge and save on.

10. Get up early on the weekends and finish all your chores in the morning.

11. Declutter every aspect of your life.

12. And break up with friends who are doing you more harm than good.

13. Keep in mind that a tidy house = tidy mind.

14. Stop playing games in your relationship.

15. Get in touch with who you are as a person and what you really want out of life.

16. Learn how to really value your time.

17. And finally, don't compromise on things you actually want to do.