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9 Things Worth Splurging On For Your First Home (And 5 Things That You Can Definitely Save On)

Sometimes a gal's gotta venture further afield than her local Kmart.

1. Splurge: Bed linen

Bed Threads

In case it's escaped your notice, you spend a third of your life in bed. It's basically your practice coffin, so honestly, spend a little dough on ensuring it's lush. These sheet sets from Bed Threads are made from buttery soft French flax linen (and are at a price point that you won't lose sleep over). It's a win-win.

2. Splurge: Mattress

Koala / Via

See above re: practice coffin. But before you hand over an easy grand, why not try before you buy? Koala allows you to trial their mattress for a full 120 night's sleep — and if you don’t love it, you can ship it back for a full refund. How very ~adult~ of you.

3. Save: Artwork

Society6 / Via

Don't get me wrong, I think statement art that you'll have for life is always worth the splurge. But the reason I suggest saving on your first home's artwork is because it takes time to work out your individual ~aesthetic~. Society6 has an ahhmazing range that allows you to experiment with different styles that won't set you back hundreds of dollars.

4. Splurge: Tableware

Photography by Ana Suntay-Tañedo / Country Road / Via

Hear. Me. Out. I'm not denying that you can get dirt-cheap plates, bowls and cutlery from dozens of Aussie retailers. But take it from someone who's chipped many-a Kmart plate after just one wash — the cheap stuff won't last. Invest in some beautiful crockery (like these Country Road dinner plates) and you'll be showing it off for years to come.

5. Splurge: Sofa

A Pair And A Spare / Via

I have such deep and all-consuming regrets about the sofa I bought for my first home, so please learn from my mistakes. This should be the most expensive purchase you make as you'll be sitting on it every night for the foreseeable future. So choose something comfortable and timelessly stylish, like the Hamptons Sofa from Lounge Lovers.

6. Save: Plants

Room For Tuesday / Via

I love an indoor plant as much as the next millennial, but I don't agree with dropping hundreds of dollars on the ~zestiest~ new varieties just because you saw an aesthetic 'gram. To save on your greens, avoid the inner-city nurseries and consider a day trip out to your more rural areas — the prices will often be significantly cheaper. Facebook marketplace and Gumtree are also great platforms to get plant babies on the cheap!

7. Splurge: TV

Samsung / Via

Look, maybe I just spend entirely too much time in front of my TV, but I think this is an item worth splurging on. Treat yoself to a fancy schmancy model like this Samsung Smart TV — and you'll save dough on heading to the cinema.

8. Splurge: Cookware

Le Creuset / Via

Sure, it might seem OTT to spend hundreds of dollars on a pot that you could buy for cheap at ALDI. But just like those flimsy plates, cheap cookware won't last. Consider it a one-off fee for a lifetime's worth of meals (and honestly, who can go past the classic beauty of a Le Creuset?).

9. Save: Rugs

Network Rugs / Temple & Webster / Via

Considering the purpose of a rug is to literally be stomped on, I don't agree with splurging on this textile. Especially when you can get beautiful rugs like this Temple & Webster number for a bargain price.

10. Splurge: Vacuum cleaner

Dyson / BuzzFeed / Via

You know you've reached peak adulthood when you consider a $400 vacuum a great investment — but honestly, a high-tech vacuum cleaner will make a world of difference to your home. The Dyson vacuum is #GOALS for a reason, ya know.

11. Splurge: Vintage or antique treasures

engold / Via

To save your new place from looking like a cookie-cutter show home, you should seriously consider splurging on some antique or vintage pieces. En Gold is a sustainable furniture biz that prides itself on sourcing and selling unique vintage furniture pieces from all around Oz — well worth the investment!

12. Save: Soft furnishings

IKEA / Via

Sure, a silk pillowcase handcrafted by blind nuns is a nice talking point — but throws, shags and cushions don't need to cost a bomb. The ever-reliable IKEA offers soft furnishings from as little as $5 — which means you can save more for your splurge bucket.

13. Splurge: Lighting

LIFX / Via

Controversial opinion, but smart lighting is srsly the way of the future and definitely worth the splurge. Not only will it help with sleep hygiene and mood-setting, but you can operate it entirely from an app on your phone (because getting up is for schmucks). I love LIFX's Z LED Strip and recommend everyone have this in their homes for the ~good vibes~.

14. Save: Appliances

Getty Images

White goods like fridges, washing machines and dryers are often some of the most expensive purchases you'll make when you first move out of home — but they don't have to be. Scour second-hand platforms like Gumtree and Home Clearance for premium brands at discounted prices.


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