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    28 Pieces Of Furniture From Wayfair That Are Not Only Affordable, But Truly Make A Statement

    Affordable and chic? Yes, please.

    1. A Novogratz convertible sofa that'll be the main focus of your living room. This sofa turns into a bed, which is ideal for those who always seem to have guests staying the night.

    a mustard upholstered convertible couch in a living room

    2. A velvet side chair, because there is no reason that your reading corner shouldn't look cute, too.

    a blue velvet tuft chair with gold legs in a room

    3. An end table that'll surely add a sleek flair to any room in your house. This piece works great as a nightstand, too.

    a white end table with gold legs in a living room

    4. A glass coffee table to make your art deco interior design dreams come true. Plus, the glass top makes it extremely easy to clean.

    a black glass coffee table with brass legs and a brass rim

    5. A wingback desk chair, because adding a statement piece to your home office does not mean you have to skimp out on some great lumbar support.

    a brown leather desk chair with winged arms and wooden legs and bronze nail details.

    6. A Bungalow Rose round coffee table to hold all your coffee table books while looking stylish at the same time.

    Reviewer's picture of the hammered gold table

    7. A reversible sofa and chaise, because you deserve a great design that'll also provide you extra comfort as you delve into your next Netflix binge.

    a grey fabric sectional couch in a living room

    8. An over-the-toilet storage system to organize everything from extra towels, toilet paper, and skincare while adding an earthy ambiance to your washroom.

    a brown wood over the toilet storage system with two cubbies and doors

    9. A vanity set that'll keep all your mascaras and blushes in one space while looking sleek. Not into makeup? This piece works great as a writing desk, too.

    a white vanity with two drawers, wooden legs, a wooden round mirror, and a grey upholstered stool with wooden legs

    10. A Novogratz multi-tiered plant stand to give your plants a new home that you'll love to stare at.

    a plant stand with grey hardware and three marble shelves holding plants

    11. A kitchen cart with a stainless steel top, because figuring out a kitchen storage system can sometimes be a nightmare. This cart will hold any extra pots and pans in your space while becoming a great piece for guests to gather around during wine and cheese night.

    a blue kitchen cart with two drawers, a shelf, and a stainless steel top. this cart is on wheels

    12. A storage bench to keep all your shoes in one place while adding a rustic farmhouse feel to the entry of your home.

    a grey wooden storage bench with two shelves holding shoes

    13. A Robena six-drawer dresser that'll give your space an industrial flair while organizing all your t-shirts and sweatpants. This piece works great in a bedroom, as well as in a walk-in closet.

    a black and brown dresser with six drawers

    14. A compact bookcase to add a storage solution to your minimalistic space.

    a white bookcase with three shelves, holding books, art and decor in a room

    15. A writing desk that'll be the perfect place for your WFH oasis. You'll surely feel time slip by as you work at this sleek and modern desk.

    Reviewer's picture of the white desk

    16. An Andover Mills platform bed to add a cozy and supportive piece to your French farmhouse-inspired home.

    a black metal bed frame with a black metal headboard and footboard

    17. A Novogratz helix bar cart, because what's a proper at-home celebration without a stylish bar cart? This piece works great as a storage system for extra towels and candles in your bathroom, too.

    a brass bar cart on wheels with three shelves

    18. A Scaggs server drawer to up the ante on your dining room setup. This server will hide extra plates while adding a mid-century modern flair to your space.

    a white server drawer with two doors and a shelf, with wooden legs and handles

    19. A hall tree by Mistana that'll organize all your hats, coats, and scarves while adding an industrial edge to your foyer.

    a black and grey hall tree with two shoe shelves, one bench, and two rows of hooks

    20. A set of upholstered side chairs that work perfectly as dining room chairs. Guests will feel oh so comfortable sitting in these chairs, and you'll feel great about your interior design choices.

    two tan leather chairs with black legs in a dining room

    21. A solid wood breakfast table, because shouldn't you have a place this cute to enjoy your morning breakfast and brew? This table folds, making it great for those living in shoebox-sized apartments.

    a wooden breakfast table with white legs in a kitchen

    22. A Gracie dining table by AllModern that is a fraction of the price of similar mid-century modern tables on the market. The minimal design will open your room up while providing enough space for you and your guests to enjoy whatever it is you're whipping up for dinner.

    a brown dining room table with sleek legs in a dining room

    23. A metal nightstand to add an old-school touch to any bedroom in your house. This piece looks beautiful with almost any interior design choice, but what's the best part? It has optimal storage to keep the rest of your room clean and tidy.

    a white and beige metal nightstand in a locker design next to a bed

    24. A five-drawer chest, because your socks and sweaters deserve to live in a home this cute.

    a brown/grey drawer system with five drawers and black metal hardware

    25. A velvet ottoman that'll sure add a cozy feel to your living room. This ottoman works great as a footstand, or as a coffee table.

    26. A simple metal bed frame to spruce up your minimalistic bedroom setup. I have this bedframe, and it is as sturdy as it is adorable. Plus, it took me about half an hour to set up, which is all I could ever hope for in a new addition to my home.

    a black metal platform bed that is low to the ground, holding a bed

    27. A two-drawer nightstand, because bedside storage should always be this cute and useful. Its two drawers will hold any books, tablets, or bedside skincare while also looking chic and sleek.

    a white nightstand with two drawers and silver hardware

    28. And a column floor lamp with shelves so that you can finally have a piece that will both light up your reading nook while simultaneously storing your books.

    a white column lamp with three shelves, in a living room

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