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Here's Your "Orange Is The New Black" Guide To Prison Makeup

Jackie Cruz (Flaca on Orange Is the New Black) puts her prison makeup skills to test.

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Jackie Cruz is known for her flawless makeup as Flaca on Orange Is the New Black. But how does Flaca get that look while in prison? She uses whatever she can get her hands on.

We gathered a bunch of household items — baby powder, colored pencils, markers, M&M's, coffee grounds, Vaseline, and a birthday card (you'll see) — and gave them to Jackie to make our willing test subject, Claire de Louraille, look Flaca'd out.

Olive oil is great for facial cleansing, and it works to deal with dry hair — and that's coming straight from Danielle Brooks (Taystee on Orange Is the New Black). Jackie scrubbed down Claire's face before she was ready to work.

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