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If '90s Kids Ran The Oscars

Best Film That You Don't Really Remember Except For The Britney Spears Music Video It Spawned.

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Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Best Use Of History You Learned If You Slept Through Most Of Class

Hollywood Pictures

Best Shakespeare Book You Ever Read

Touchstone Pictures

Best Proof That Teachers Are Totally Out To Get You

Dimension Films

Best Proof That No, Seriously, Teachers Are Assholes


Best Film That You Don't Really Remember Except For The Britney Spears Music Video It Spawned

20th Century Fox

Best Reason To Shout "I Love Dick!" And Giggle Uncontrollably

Columbia Pictures

Best Song You Wish You Could Walk Down The Stairs Into Freddie Prinze Jr.'s Arms To

Miramax Films

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Best Reason You Let Your Mom Twist Your Hair While Watching Her Stories

Columbia Pictures

Best Example Of What Happens When You Don't Wear A Bra And Flail About Dramatically

Columbia Pictures

Best Reason You Kept Falling On Your Ass At The Ice Skating Rink


Best Reminder That It's Totally Confusing Matthew McConaughey Is Winning Awards And Shit Now

Gramercy Pictures

Best Reason For Your Parents To Never Leave A Pie Around You Again

Universal Pictures

Best Proof That You Could Totally Sit Through A Black And White Film And Not Fall Asleep

New Line Cinema

Best Use Of Whipped Cream


Best Memory That Will Pop Into Your Brain Whenever You Hear That Leonardo DiCaprio Is Kind Of A Jerk So You Can Keep Being Attracted To Him

Bazmark Films

Best Quotes You Used In Your Yearbook

Best Macking On A Hot Teacher Wish Fulfillment

20th Century Fox

Best Reminder To Embrace Your Inner Bitch — Sorry, "Witch"

Columbia Pictures

Best Film You'll Have To Constantly Inform People That You're Talking About IT And Not The TV Show

20th Century Fox

Best Movie Soundtrack That Featured Songs That Weren't Actually On The Damn Soundtrack That Was Released In Stores

Warner Bros.

Best Special Business Women

Touchstone Pictures

Best Phrase To Use When You're Pretending You're Working

Cinema Plus

Best, Or Maybe Worst, Reminder You're Going To Grow Up And Be An Adult

New Line Cinema

Best Reason You Literally Never Went To Sleep Ever Again

Dimension Films

Best Reason Your Parents Never Wanted To Lend You Their Credit Card To Go To The Mall To Buy New Clothes Anymore

Paramount Pictures


Columbia Pictures
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