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    9 Reasons You Do NOT Recast Mae Whitman In "Independence Day 2"

    News like this makes a hell of a day to quit drinkin'.

    On Monday, director Roland Emmerich announced that actress Maika Monroe had signed on to the upcoming sequel for the 1996 hit Independence Day.

    BuzzFeed has confirmed that Monroe will play the grown daughter of Bill Pullman's former U.S. president. That character was first played by another actress, however: Mae Whitman.

    And people are NOT happy about it:

    who the fuck is Maika Monroe and why isn't Mae Whitman getting the role of the president's daughter

    This whole Mae Whitman recast shit for ID2 is so damn stupid- and has to be based off her non-stereotypical Hollywood looks- ugh, over it.

    Why would you recast Mae Whitman for Independence Day 2? Dumb dumb dumb dummmmmmmb

    Mae Whitman is fab. Fuck Fox Poor girl who's gonna be in the middle of this too

    And why shouldn't they be? Mae Whitman fucking rocks.

    1. First off, she can carry a movie.

    2. In fact The Duff was a passion project of hers specifically BECAUSE she only gets cast as the quirky, misfit girl that's never a lead.

    3. Robbie Amell's pecs love her.

    4. She's proven she can do action in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

    5. Need her to play drama? She's lit'rally the best crier in Hollywood.

    6. LOOK at these goddamn tears.

    7. She looks flawless in a dress and would have served Olivia Pope-level looks as the President's daughter.

    8. She's got a cult following her hilarious role as Ann on Arrested Development.

    9. And one of the most important reasons — because Anna Kendrick says so.

    What the actual fuck? @maebirdwing is talented as hell, and JUST proved she can carry a film. Smh.

    So, recasting Mae Whitman? What were you even thinking?