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16 Things Black People Would Say If We Reacted To Pop Culture Like White People

I've never seen Clueless. Is that a thing people have seen?

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11. We'd be ignorant about whether or not Kylie Jenner's cornrows are "natural" and write a thinkpiece about it.

14. We'd be all in favor of Kanye interrupting Taylor Swift, because we've never heard her music. And she doesn't even play her own instruments.

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"Also, how do you pronounce Taylor? Is it Tay or Tey?"

15. We'd write 5,000-word think pieces on how Katy Perry is inspiring millennials to dress basic.

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"Kinda setting a bad example, don't you think? What if someone wore that to work?"

16. We wouldn't be able to wait ’til Monday morning to talk about The Good Wife.


Oh wait, white people watch The Good Wife too? So weird how POC can take an interest in a show that has a predominantly white cast. And relate to it too!