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    18 Things Posh Scots Really, Really Don't Want To Hear

    "But where are you actually from?" Shutupshutupshutup.

    1. "Have you met the Queen?"

    2. *Does impression* "LOL that's what you sound like!"

    3. "Do you have a maid and butler?"

    4. "What do you think about the ban on fox hunting?"

    5. "You probably voted No in the referendum, right?"

    6. "But where are you ACTUALLY from?"

    7. "Your school sounds like Hogwarts. Did you go to Hogwarts?"

    8. "Do you know (random name)? Tall guy, went to Fettes, wears red trousers a lot?"

    9. "You probably drink champagne, like, all the time."

    10. "Does your house look like the one in Monarch of the Glen?"

    11. "Do you know how to play croquet?"

    12. "Your parents can't be from round here though."

    13. "Do you have a tennis court? Can I come and play on it?"

    14. "You're actually quite down to earth."

    15. "You must drive a Range Rover."

    16. "I bet all your friends have names like Camilla and Tarquin."

    17. "What does caviar taste like?"

    18. "You sound like you're from England!"