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    27 Weekender Bags You'll Want To Take On Your Next Trip

    "We're going on an adventure" —Bilbo Baggins and also you.

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    1. A duffle that is giving me "trips to the Cape" vibes and honestly I'm living for it. It *also* has a wonderful shoe compartment in the bottom so you don't have your dirty shoes touching your clean clothes. Gross.

    2. A faux leather bag with a stunning satin interior so you can be business in the outside, and sexy, slinky on the inside.

    3. A foldable bag with an outside pocket big enough to fit your laptop so you can "work" from anywhere. And by "work" I mean leaving your laptop open next to you while you take micro-naps. I won't tell.

    A reviewer photo of four bags in pink, red, blue, and light blue next to each other

    4. A vintage-style duffle you won't mind bringing to work because it'll let your coworkers know that one, you're going on a sweet adventure this weekend, and two you've already mentally clocked out for the day.

    A person is holding a grey canvas duffle bag around their shoulders with another beige one next to them

    5. A durable one with a pattern so ~out of this world~ you're almost guaranteed to spot it in a crowded area with the utmost ease.

    A reviewer photo of the duffel bag with a space and galaxy print all around it

    6. A vegan leather bag that is just simple, sleek, and oh-so-chic.

    A cognac vegan leather bag with a pocket in the front

    7. A quilted style with both handles *and* a strap because you like to have options in life and this bag gets it. It gets you.

    8. A personalized one so you never have to worry about any of your housemates trying to "borrow" your luggage.

    Model is holding a white duffel bag with a leather monogrammed label on the front

    9. A canvas duffle with two separate compartments on top so you can keep your stinky clothes from mingling with your clean clothes because ew. No one wants that.

    Model is working out next to a grey canvas duffel bag with a pocket on the front and a compartment on the bottom

    10. A smaller tote that's flight attendant-approved, so obviously it has to be good.

    A reviewer photo of the black tote filled with things, sitting on top of a luggage

    11. A sharp travel tote with a ton of pockets so you'll have a compartment for every single thing you're taking with you, keeping you organized and stress-free. AKA the perfect weekend trip.

    A canvas bag with multiple pockets and zippers on the side, top, and the front

    12. A clear one because you have no shame in showing people all the cute outfits you're bringing on your trip. It's smaller, but perfect for a minimal trip!

    Model is holding a clear bag with a rainbow iridescent hue to it

    13. A canvas style made of foldable and wrinkle-resistant fabric so even if you look like a hot mess stepping out of the train, at least your bag will be slayin'.

    14. A bag that folds up small so you can store it in your luggage, and then use it later for all the souvenirs you're already planning on buying.

    Reviewer photo of the light blue bag with a front pocket and grey straps

    15. A weekender from the cult-favorite brand Away. You've probably seen their luggage ~everywhere~, and now you can get a bag that will take you on the best of adventures.

    Model is putting black shoes into the shoe compartment of the cream colored duffle bag

    16. Or an overnight bag with similar vibes but for a fraction of the price.

    17. A boho style bag you can take on your next glamping trip — it'll blend in perfectly with your aesthetics. The aesthetic being, camping is only fun when you have electricity and wine.

    Model is holding a white and black geometric patterned tote with brown leather straps

    18. A lightweight tote perfect for your next beach trip with the besties.

    Model is putting a black and white striped tote into a overhead bin in a plane

    19. A classic leather style that will make it look like you're about to go through Platform 9 3/4 on your first day at Hogwarts.

    Reviewer photo of a brown leather duffel bag

    20. A Victorian-style bag for the Disney fan who has *always* wanted to own a Mary Poppins bag. It also comes with a shoulder strap for easy traveling.

    Model is holding a red Victorian-style bag with a beige floral pattern on it

    21. A quilted backpack for minimalists who don't need a ton of things to have a great weekend trip. Capsule wardrobe, anyone?

    22. A sporty one that has some serious funky vibes to it you'll be rocking on road trips, plane rides, and basically however you get to your favorite weekend getaway.

    Reviewer photo of an iridescent duffel bag with pink nylon straps

    23. A Bando getaway bag because you've got style, but also need functionality. It has four detachable pouches inside so you can easily interchange the design to fit your weekend needs. Did I mention the separate compartment in the bottom for shoes and dirty clothes? #winning

    Model is holding a pink and red floral weekender bag with a bottom compartment for shoes

    24. An absolutely adorable weekender bag for your kiddo that isn't too loud, and just the perfect amount of precious. The best part? You can add their name and choose from five little designs like an elephant, a rainbow, and even a teeny moon.

    A white duffel bag with baby blue vertical stripes throughout and the name Jacob with a tiny elephant on the front

    25. A convertible style you can use as a backpack to distribute the weight evenly on both your shoulders to make traveling around crowds and hurrying to your next flight a ~breeze~.

    Reviewer photo of a grey canvas backpack with a bucket-style pocket, front pocket, and a side pocket holding sandals

    26. A sleek one with cleverly placed storage, like the shoe compartment on the side and the small pockets on the inside so your keys, IDs, and ChapStick aren't lost between your clothes during travel.

    The black quilted duffle bag with a front pocket, two inner pockets, a side pocket, back, pocket, and a shoe compartment on the side

    27. A nylon backpack tote that is sustainably made from recycled nylon that is responsibly sourced for the eco-conscious traveler.

    A yellow nylon backpack with two side zippers revealing a hidden shoe compartment

    You saying goodbye to all your responsibilities as you head on another weekend trip:

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