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    23 Things To Treat Yourself To Without Spending A Penny Over $30

    It's fun to focus on just yourself sometimes.

    1. A powerful foot peel that'll make callused feet super soft in one use. A pair of dual-layered booties soaked in salicylic acid and 16 kinds of botanical extracts will help renew your tootsies.

    2. A pair of soft stretch denim shorts that'll have you feeling ready for the summer. Denim shorts are a must-have wardrobe item — they look great with sweaters, T-shirts, button-downs, crop tops, you name it!

    3. A mini shoulder bag in a happy lemonade yellow colour. It's lightweight and has a backpack-inspired zipper design to keep all your essentials safe. The inside is lined, in case you leave a lipstick loosely capped and have a colourful accident.

    4. A retinol-based skin tonic that'll gently slough off the dead skin from your face or body. Retinol increases the rate of skin cell turnover, so you'll wake up to more spot-free, smoother skin. It also has peptides and antioxidants to make it a total skincare feast.

    5. A set of special facial razors for anyone who loves their arches sculpted to perfection, but can't hit the salon right now. The razor is precise enough to shape the brow, but can be used all over the face as a dermaplaning tool to help absorb skincare better, too.

    6. A short lil' floral mug that emphasizes that kindness is always in fashion. So steep yourself some calming tea or froth up a cappuccino, maybe give your mom a call, and text your loved ones asking how they are.

    7. A full-coverage black bra, because the ones you own are probably starting to look a little worn out. This everyday-wear bra is specially designed to be practical, comfortable, and supportive for fuller busts.

    8. A hanging vine garland that'll make a nook of your apartment look like a beautiful garden, so you can enjoy a bit of "greenery" when you miss your hikes or walks in the park.

    9. A cheerful printed button-up shirt, because I've personally never seen a person look less than great in one. Pick the tropical bird print for some vacation vibes, or the subtler fish pattern that's reminiscent of aquatic life sticker sheets from your childhood.

    10. Some foliage string lights that'll freshen and brighten up your WFH nook, so you aren't muttering "ugh, this again" under your breath every morning. These come with eight settings you can control with your phone, so depending on your mood, you can switch things up easily.

    11. A lil' potato nightlight that's a total mood as well as a mood-lifter. Put him on your side table and gently tap his head to let your spud bud light the way for your midnight trips to the bathroom. As you can see, he's very concerned about your well-being and only wants to help.

    12. A spicy art print that's great for anyone who loves hot peppers. It features hand-drawn illustrations of 40 different heirloom pepper varieties. Mount it in your kitchen to add a fiery sprinkle of personality to your cooking space.

    13. A dusty mauve lip crayon from BITE Beauty that'll make you look fresher than a flower. Whether it's a Zoom meeting or wine night with your roomies, this number will have your back. As you can see, it also photographs beautifully, so prepare to take lots of selfies.

    14. A dark grey tee if you simply can't get enough of Friends reruns. It'll let you show off your obsession with the show without verbal references. It's softer than a cloud and the uncomplicated cut makes it a dream to pair with all kinds of bottoms and layers.

    15. A bottle of Sukin's highly-loved hydrating mist toner, so you can spritz a burst of freshness onto tired, stressed-out skin and make it a little plumper in seconds. It's like treating your skin to some delicious, soothing chamomile tea.

    16. A vegan sleep oil you can use before hitting the hay. Use it as an all-over moisturizer or in the bath. If you're trying to fix your sleeping pattern (aren't we all?), put a few drops of this dreamy-smelling blend into your soak at night and you'll be yawning as you walk out of the bathroom.

    17. A chic artisanal bucket bag, so you can carry around your essentials in style. It looks a lot more expensive than it is, and the solid colour + faux leather finish make it versatile enough to complement any look.

    18. A precious ramen bowl that'll make eating your spicy Shin Ramyun an extra-special experience. It comes with bamboo chopsticks and even has a groove and a slot to store them. Throw in some spring onions and bean sprouts for a chef-like touch and enjoy those upgraded two-minute noodles.

    19. Some hydrogel eye patches, because you've probably been marathoning your favourite films till the wee hours of the morning, and your eyes are stressed. These will rehydrate and de-puff your tired peepers.

    20. A set of laminated cork placemats that'll make mealtime extra special. They have a magical bird print on them that'll enchant everyone at the table. Cleanup is easy, too — just wipe them with a damp cloth!

    21. A cozy and casual top that looks as soft as cuddles and is knotted in the front for a fashionable touch. The long sleeves will make sure your wrists stay toasty on nippier spring days.

    22. A big tub of Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie that can be applied as a leave-in conditioner or to style and tame your spirals. Use it while creating protective hairstyles to lock in moisture and maintain shine, or massage it into damp hair to get a salon-worthy finish.

    23. And lastly, a cute cocktail recipe collection that'll turn your home into the happening bar of your dreams. It'll help you create 100 delicious spiked beverages, so you won't miss getting your favourite margaritas, daiquiris, coladas, and spiked smoothies while you stay home. Goodbye, simple vodka-cran.

    So go ahead and...

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