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    23 Small Kitchen Upgrades That'll Make Your Life A Lot Easier

    Most things on this list are under $20!

    1. A garlic and ginger grater that'll help you peel, chop, and mince your favourite aromatics, so you can stop relying on garlic powder all the time. It even has a stainless steel plate on the other side that'll help you wash away pungent odours from your hands afterwards!

    2. A pizza stone that'll impart authentic wood oven flavour into your homemade 'za. It absorbs excess humidity to give you the crunchiest crust, and the slightly curved side handle makes it so much easy to use.

    3. A trio of cat sponges that'll help you easily wash off all the crusty bits on your dishes, so you don't have to go ham with a regular soft dish sponge. You get the satisfaction of using steel wool, but without scratching and ruining your crockery.

    4. Some Zaatar spice to add to your food the burst of sumac aroma you can only find at a restaurant. The spices have been prepared by hand in Syria and mixed and packaged in Montreal.

    5. A handy-dandy chopper that'll make short work of cutting up your favourite fruits and vegetables for meal prep, so you're not spending five weepy minutes over a couple of onions. Just put your veg of choice in there and press the lid to get perfectly chopped pieces in one motion.

    6. A cut-resistant glove that'll protect your hands from being injured while using a knife, mandolin, or peeler. It's ambidextrous and comfortable to wear, so you can grate some cheese without stressing the heck out.

    7. A kitchen sink mat that'll keep your dishes from colliding and breaking. If you've lost a favourite plate or mug to a chip at the rim, it may be a good idea to invest in this! As a bonus, it looks like a bunch of cute pebbles.

    8. A recipe book that'll help you enjoy your favourite nutty chocolate spread in more ways than you usually do (i.e. eating it with a spoon straight out of the jar). Make cheesecake, sponge cake, candy for kids, or macaroons to taste the full potential of Nutella.

    9. A 3-in-1 avocado tool that'll help you pit, cut, and perfectly slice your avocados in a minute, so you can enjoy a breakfast of avo toast whenever you want, with less than half the effort!

    10. A silicone egg poacher that'll take the guesswork and technique out of preparing your breakfast. If you (like me) can't poach eggs to save your life, but are sucker for all that yolky, runny goodness, this may be a life-changing upgrade. I especially love that you can cook a single egg in it.

    11. A beautiful stoneware tagine you can use to make some flavourful dishes. I've personally used a terracotta one and it really makes a difference in the taste! If you're cooking meat, it'll stay super juicy, and the veggies maintain more taste than if you were to cook them in an open-faced pot or pan.

    12. An herb comb that'll strip the leaves right off those stems, so you don't have to pluck them out one by one. There are also four holes on the other side of the comb that are perfect for stripper larger greens like Swiss chard, kale, and other leafy greens.

    13. A veggie ricer that'll let you enjoy the the fluffy graininess of rice in the form of vegetables. So make a nice batch of curried or fried cauli rice and enjoy a fibre-packed summer lunch.

    14. A helpful cookbook that'll help you learn three things at once — food budgeting, time management, AND the art of cooking delectable vegan cuisine. There are 100 recipes including easy bibimbap bowls, parsnip fritters, and carrot fries with cinnamon salt.

    15. A silicone hanger you can suspend at the base of your kitchen faucet to store your sponge or dish brush in. It's designed to let them drain, so they're less likely to get stinky and grimy. Plus, you won't have to deal with the dreadful sponge-swimming-in-soap-water situation.

    16. An artsy spatula that's basically a must-have for any cat person who cooks. It has both a curved side and a flat side to get everything out of basically any container.

    17. A liquid-dispensing bottle that'll let you quickly drizzle your EVOO or favourite dressing onto your food. I use mine for everyday cooking — not only is it way less messy, it's also helped me save precious counter real estate!

    18. A set of laminated cork placemats that'll make mealtime extra special. They have a magical bird print on them that'll enchant everyone at the table. Cleanup is easy, too — just wipe them with a damp cloth!

    19. A timed stirring tool that'll do all the work for you. It rotates back and forth to make sure your soups and sauces don't get scorched at the bottom of your pot, and your arm can catch a break.

    20. A stone spoon rest, so you can stop frantically looking for a plate to catch all the drips mid-stir. The floral print will brighten up any cook nook and help keep your counter stain-free!

    21. Some cute porcelain plates that'll give your lunch spread a splash of playfulness. The patterns give them a modern edge. Plus, if we're gonna have to eat at home more, we might as well do it in style, right?

    22. If you love cooking, but can't grocery shop in peace these days (like me), try a subscription to HelloFresh, so you can get the best fresh ingredients pre-portioned for every recipe! With new recipes every week, HelloFresh will help you not only improve your cooking skills, but it’ll also help prevent you from ordering fast food every single day. #guilty

    23. And lastly, a cute apron that'll protect your clothes while you're whipping up some delicious baked goods. Spills are a natural part of cooking, so just embrace them!

    Now let's get this home-baked bread.