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22 Pictures That Only Muslims Will Find Funny

Too real.

1. This halal haircut.

2. Sectarian Labeouf.

3. This very basic Arabic problem.

KingOfKingsXII / Via Twitter: @KingOfKingsXII

4. This accurate emoji.

5. This real possibility.

6. This botanic bashfulness.

7. Playboy turning into prayboy.

@sxnah_ / Via Twitter: @sxnah_

8. This everyday situation.

muslims_relate / Via

9. This Ramzan relationship status.

@BonsaiSky / Via Twitter: @BonsaiSky

10. The best tribute to John Cena.

11. A reminder about goals.

muslims_relate / Via

12. This exemplary squad.

13. This horrid realisation.

14. This couture prayer mat.

15. This small celebration.

16. Post-iftar happiness.

17. This rundown date joke.

Imaan Sheikh / BuzzFeed India

18. A-lota misunderstandings...

19. Internet-savvy parent probs.

youvealreadyjudgedme / Via

20. This moment of self-restraint.

21. This shocking result.


22. And this BRILLIANT hat.

@RahManItsEmz / Via Twitter: @RahManItsEmz

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