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    19 Last-Minute Mother's Day Gifts You Can Still Get Your Hands On

    Because deliveries are delayed everywhere. πŸ˜“

    1. A delicate gold necklace featuring an octagonal semi-precious stone that catches the eye instantly. Whether's mom's going to work, on a date, or just lounging at home, this cobalt blue pendant will quickly become a stylish go-to accessory.

    2. A big container of Neutrogena Body Balm from their popular Hydro Boost line that'll keep suppleness locked into their skin, without leaving a thick or greasy film. It has a light, whipped texture that absorbs quickly and leaves nothing parched.

    3. An enzyme-based exfoliator that'll make their skin look its healthiest, without using chunky, jagged scrub particles. Papaya and pineapple enzymes break down dead skin cells, while perfectly rounded, gentle pumice, lava, and bamboo beads slough it away. It'll be a treasure for the mom with sensitive skin.

    4. A set of protective baking gear (mittens, an apron, and a potholder) for the mom who's obsessed with baking. It's covered in a gorgeous, rustic fig print that'll make them feel extra cute when they bake their next batch of cookies for you.

    5. A set of special facial razors for the mom who loves their brows shaped to perfection. The razor is precise enough to sculpt the brow, but can be used all over the face as a dermaplaning tool to help absorb skincare better, too.

    6. An engraved gold bangle that'll let them feel your presence, no matter how far you are. Team up with your siblings to have a little custom message engraved under the rim to make it tearjerking-ly special.

    7. A pair of wide-strap leather sandals they'll want to wear everywhere, all the time. They're comfy and breezy enough to wear through the spring and summer, and so damn chic, mama's going to be proud of their baby's taste.

    8. A vegan bath and body care set that is all kinds of luxurious and will make them feel truly pampered. It comes in a beautiful box, so you won't have to put too much effort wrapping it either! The special sleep time bath soak will de-stress them and help them get a deep snooze.

    9. A yoga mat that has extra cushioning to ensure they don't hurt their elbows, knees, ankles, or back during their yoga or meditation sessions. The surface is absorbent and it's not going to slip and slide under their feet, whether they're working out in the living room or on the patio.

    10. A light gingham jacket that's so versatile, it can be cute, professional, and seriously sexy depending on how they style it. The retro fit is fashionable forever and will spice up any of their plain ol' tees in a second β€” especially perfect for their work video meetings!

    11. A bouquet that'll make their eyes twinkle immediately. Few things beat the classic sweetness of receiving fresh flowers, and there's a huge variety to choose from, so you can find their favourite flowers and pick bunches big or small. 🌹🌷🌺🌸

    12. A hand-drawn art print featuring the cutest (and most enormous) sea mammals β€” whales! It's perfect for the mom who loves nature documentaries. Whether it's narwhals or belugas, this poster has 'em all, so they can live their Planet Earth fantasy from their living room.

    13. A lined robe that'll feel as soft as a hug and become their most-worn loungewear piece. It's made using only eco-conscious resources like recycled polyester and wood pulp viscose, so it's just what the sustainable mama needs in their life.

    14. Some foliage string lights that'll freshen and brighten up mom's WFH nook. These come with eight settings they can control with their phone, so depending on their mood, they can switch things up easily.

    15. A sultry burgundy lipstick for the mom who loves taking their time in a Sephora. You can't go wrong with this classic matte number, but in case it isn't the kind of colour you've seen them wearing, worry not, as there are 125 shades to choose from!

    16. A luxurious Coach cardholder so they can store their business and credit cards in style. Pick a poppin' yellow-grey for the mom who likes things brights, or a subtle taupe-brown for the mom who's into more understated fashion.

    17. A high-impact zip-up sports bra that'll keep them motivated to work out. It's an unexpected gift for Mother's Day, but so damn useful. Whether they're sweating it out on the treadmill or going for a sprint outdoors, they'll always have have ample support.

    18. A powerful, creamy hair mask specially formulated for dry, dull strands that'll pamper their hair like they're at the salon. It has a silky texture that'll melt into their hair and infuse it with the moisture-locking powers of jojoba oil and mallow, so their locks can stay luscious, without getting greasy.

    19. And finally, a single-serve coffeemaker from Keurig that'll make them their own barista. It'll make them regular coffee, coffee shots, lattes, and froth up hot OR cold joe in seconds, so they'll never want to grab a Tim's cappuccino again.

    Mom's gonna be like:

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